Monday, March 8, 2021

Bulandshahr Violence: Still on run, main accused claims innocence in video


Bulandshahr Violence

LUCKNOW: Yogesh Raj, the main accused in the Bulandshahr violence. He denied his role in the mayhem in a video clip released on Wednesday. The absconding Bajrang Dal member said he was innocent and not present on the site of the violence.

In the video, he said, People are portraying me as if I am a history-sheeter. He claimed he and other Bajrang Dal activists had no involvement in the violence that erupted on Monday over allegations of cow slaughter in a village in Syana area of the district. Raj is among 27 people named in the FIR. In this incident two people including Police Inspector Subodh Kumar Singh.

“The police are presenting me in such a manner as though I have a big criminal record. I want to tell you all that two incidents took place that day,” he says in the video clip putting his version of the violence.

Elaborating the two incidents, he says in the video, “The first incident was related to cow slaughter at Madhav village near Siyana. When I got the information, I reached there with my supporters. The police also reached there and we went to the Siana police station to lodge our complaint.”

Dressed in a pink shirt and clean-shaven, he further adds, “When we were still at the police station we got to know that villagers were pelting stones. There had been firing as well and a youth and a policeman have received gunshot injuries.”

Raj’s claims, however, contradicts his version in the FIR he filed with the police. In the video, he says he reached the spot where the alleged slaughter took place after he got information about it, while the FIR, he claimed he and his associates saw seven people slaughtering a cow when they were roaming the fields.

The FIR filed by Raj named seven Muslims including some minors. Out of which, 4 people have been arrested. The minors names in the FIR were quizzed at a police station and later sent home.

Meanwhile, Bajrang Dal has asked Raj to surrender before the police demanding a CBI probe into the incidence.

Local media reports say Raj is hailed as “local hero” fighting against cow slaughter. He joined Bajrang Dal 3 years ago and later he was appointed to head the district unit of the radical Hindu group.

Yogesh Raj (A grab from the video)

Inspector Subodh Kumar Singh who was shot dead during the violence

Charred vehicles which were set on fire by the mob over alleged cow slaughter (PTI photo)