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The Latest Upsurge in Cyberattacks Shifts Focus on Importance of Data Security


Cyber-threats were already there from the very beginning. Rather you can say the concept of cyber-attacks came into play with the birth of the internet. But, over the years, the internet is getting more evolved and so are cyberattacks.


The year 2020 was delicate for every company or industry due to the impacts of COVID-19. Not only that, in that year several companies faced some major cyberattacks, making their data vulnerable to anonymous sources.


Rather you can say that cybercriminals have used the COVID-19 situations as an opportunity to leak more encrypted data. According to research, between the months’ May and June, 60 per cent of emails a user has received were actually baited for phishing attacks.


Seeing the exponential growth in cyberattacks, companies have also taken numerous steps to increase their data security. Read to know more:


Cyberattacks — Ransomware Being the Main Threat

If you are a company that deals with various online accounting services and requires SSL security, then you can be the next target of a cyberattack.


This is the paranoia created inside the minds of the companies from the year 2020. During the first six months of 2020, ransomware has seen the steepest exponential growth, followed by other cyber-threats.


But, if ransomware is capable enough to breach your SSL security and leak valuable data, then what is the need for other variations. Trojan attacks in banking sectors, within this period of time, was 7 times more than that of the previous growth.


Now, you calculate the growth and your vulnerabilities. But, it does not end here. It has also been surveyed that the ransom demand of these cyber threats has also increased by 47 per cent.


Another notable mention is that — now the cyber-attackers are not following their traditional way of hacking. The main aim of these cyber-attacks now is to threaten the victim, to make the hacked data public, unless the company agrees to pay the ransom.


As the ransomware is using the COVID-19 subjects as a shield, that is why companies are getting more affected, as the virus is easily breaking the initial level of security. Ransomware is not only the prime culprit, but there are also a lot more types of cyberattacks that have evolved during this pandemic situation, such as –


1.   Credential Stuffing

Credential Stuffing is a threat to all banking sectors and companies dealing with daily monetary transactions. It is a way to steal the personal banking credentials of users, from various banking and transactional websites.


What the cybercriminals do is create a replica of the payment gateway web page and replace it with the original one. This indicates — when a user will use that banking website to complete some transactions, they will be actually entering their personal information on the hacker’s webpage. This type of fraudulent cases has come into the limelight more in 2020.


2.   Cloud Jacking

The concept of attacking via cloud jacking has increased more in 2020. Most of the employees are now working from home, and as a result, companies are now investing more in cloud computing and cloud storage.


Cloud computing has given every industry an edge of advancement, but it has also made it more vulnerable to threats like cloud jacking. Just like credential stuffing, the aim of cloud jacking is to breach the encryption and steal user credentials and personal information. Not only that, but via cloud jacking hackers can also spy on users and keep an eye on their activities.


3.   IoT devices

IoT or Internet of Things is a very innovative advancement of technology and holds a major section of the global hardware market. The IoT market is expected to grow over $1.1 trillion by 2026. But, IoTs are also a valuable tool for hackers and can be used to perform advanced cyberattacks

Focus more on your Data Security

With the rise in the rate and capabilities of cyberattacks, companies and individuals are focusing more on cybersecurity. And, yes a cybersecurity practice in every company (big or small) is very important. The cybersecurity of a company also depends a lot on its employees — like what kind of network they are using to access the company database.


Therefore, keeping all these things in mind, we have created a list of precautions which will help you and your company both.


1.   Always Connect to a Secure Network

Most of the cyberattacks take place over a non-secure network connection, mainly including public WIFI. That is why it is always mandatory to make sure that you are connected to a secured network while accessing any organizational database.


In these types of cases, sometimes the hacker does not hack into the system connected to the non-secure network. But, rather they use that system as a medium gateway to access the company’s database.


Therefore, according to us the first step toward building successful cybersecurity is — every organization should educate their employees regarding various cyber threats.


2.   Never ever forget to keep a Backups

Backups are like lifeboats when your ship is sinking or about to sink. If you have a proper backup, then you can actually reimburse any kind of data loss.


Like we always say precaution is always better than the cure. And, if you get victimized by a serious cyberattack, then there is no cure. But, what if your backup also gets hacked?


There is a solution to this issue also. Never store the original data and the backup data within the same server. Invest some more money in buying separate servers to store backup data. And, one more thing, always keep the backup data encrypted and practice a regular backup procedure.


3.   Check your SSL Certificates

SSL certificates are responsible for making every transaction on your website safe and secure. Therefore, from time to time keep a check on your SSL certificate validation. The more you secure your users the more secure your company will be.

From the year 2020, with the spike in cyberattacks, large organizations are taking cybersecurity seriously like never before. And, that is very much-needed in every sector of business. Any company you pick is solely dependent on their stored data.

Last year, cybersecurity was the third largest commercial concern in the world. As most of the companies are now shifting to online platforms, therefore the opportunity for cyberattackers are also increasing.


Over the year, we have seen some major technological advancements, just like that the intensity of cyberattacks has also gradually increased. At the current moment, global cybersecurity is worth $173 Billion and is projected to hit $270 Billion by 2028.

The only thing that can be concluded from this discussion is that cybercrime and cybersecurity both are parallelly getting advanced day by day. The one way to tackle this issue is by training and educating the employees and customers about various cyber-threats and teach them how to take preventive measures.


Kick Day 2021:Anti Valentine Week


Kick Day is Celebrated on 16th February. our life should be full of happiness and enjoyment. So we cannot handle the bad experience in our life because of our expectations. Also, We do not know how to face bad events and bad situation. we all get frustrated by all odd experience.
Start blaming others is not a true way just go and kick them. on this day we kick out a person or relationship from our life which makes us unhappy and frustrated.

Eyes: For Look At you
Hands: Pray for you
Mind: Remember you
Heart: Miss you &
Legs: Kick you
If U Ever Forget Me..!!!

Kick Day Images 2021

kick day
Kick Day 2021

Slap Day 2021:Anti Valentine Week 2021


Love is in the air in the first week of February. After Valentine Week Anti Valentine Day is Celebrated. If your relationship has not worked out after spending much money on your love and also you spend to much time. Your Proposal of love is rejected then you can celebrate the anti-valentine week. First Day of Anti valentine is Slap day.

15 February slap day comes the next day to valentine’s day. Love is a beautiful feeling but only for that person who cares about it, there are so many people in this world who does not care about love, you do not know whether the person you love is good for you or not but as you come close to that person you become knowledgeable about person more and more.

Slap day is celebrated for those people who had made a wrong decision about their life partner so they can slap on this day. A slap doesn’t mean that you go violent and slap actually but it refers to that you slap all the relationship with that person, you slap the feelings and emotions which are attached with that person who hurts you every day. Slap all those relations and live again.

Many Of People Thinks That on Slap Day a Girl Slap His Friend, But This Is not The Right Meaning. It Is Day Just Celebrated After 14th Feb To Have Fun With FriendsThis Day is About Forgot a Guy who Is Your Ex-Friend Or Not Doing a Good Behavior with You.

Happy Perfume Day 2021

Happy perfume day

Perfume day is Celebrated on 17 February every is a very interesting day of the anti-valentine week.
Your love needs to up-gradation every in Anti valentine’s week, you can give perfume to your friend, girlfriend, boyfriend, life be quick and purchase perfume for your gf/bf, life partner, wife.

Perfume Day Quotes

 “Today is perfume day and I am sending Aromatic flowers for you in this message to make your day really a wonderful day. Happy perfume day”.
“There is NO wine if grapes are pressed no perfume if flowers are not crushed If u feel any pressure in life, it means God is bringing the Best out of you. Happy Perfume day“.
“Khushbu me ehsaas hota hai. Dosti ka rista kuch khaas hota hai. Har baat juba se kehna mumkin nahi, Isliye to dosti ka Dusara naam vishwash hota hai Happy PerfumeDay”.

Break Up Day 2021: Break Up Day Messages,images


Break up Day is celebrated on 21 February last day of the anti-valentine week. To love someone and fall in love with someone is a great feeling ever. You Fly in the air when you in love. But when for some reason your relationship is broken and you are not happy with your relationship then you have to break up that relationship and that is really a very tough decision.

Break up is not a good feeling for anyone. It’s better to end a relationship which is not good for you. Party with friends will help to forget a relationship easily. If any relationship does not give you happiness then it’s better to leave that relationship.

  • COMPROMISING  doesn’t mean that you are wrong and someone is right, it only means that you value your “RELATIONSHIP” much more than your “EGO”
  • Please break up with me on a rainy day, and meet me under a tree. So when it hurts and I cannot breathe, you’ll hear the rain, not me.”
  • The moment you realize that happiness was never about getting a person. They are only a helpmate towards achieving your life mission. Happy Break Up Day
  • Women are strong and independent. Guys think we will break down when they leave, but it just makes us stronger and it kills them to see us move on. Happy Break Up Day.

  • I think it’s very healthy to spend time alone You need to know how to be alone and not be defined by another person.
  • “The problem with our relationship was that you were busy trying to mold it according to the whims and fancies of everyone around us while I was busy enjoying it for what it was. Goodbye.”
  • When people hurt you over and over, think of them like sandpaper. They may scratch and hurt you a bit, but in the end..You end up polished and they end up useless.

Break Up Day Images:-

Happy missing Day 2021


Missing Day is Celebrated on 20th February of an anti-valentine week. On this Day you can Send Message if you missing someone. Missing Day images send to the person you love. The most painful moment of life is when you don’t meet your loved ones the whole day and missing them badly.
When you are in a relationship with someone and for some reason, your relationship is breaking up you can not forget that day you spend with your loved one that moment is very painful.

Happy missing day 2021 messages 

“When she is with me I feel like the whole world is in my hand but when she goes away I feel like I am nothing without her I miss you so much, my love.”
“Even if I spend the whole day with you I miss you the second you leave.”
“A hug for you means I need you
A kiss for you means I love you 
A call for you means I miss you 
Happy missing day 2020 “
“In my life, I learned how
To love, To smile, To Be happy, To Be strong,
To work hard, To Be Honest, To Be faithful, To forgive.
But I couldn’t learn how To forget You
I Miss You”
“You are my favorite drug and I can but I am addicted to your touch and crave your presence whenever you are not near my side.” 
“The only reason
Why I never become sad
Even when I miss you
In a way that is really bad
Is because I know
From deep down inside
That even when you are away
Your love is always by my side
I miss you, my love”
“When I with you I forgot myself, I forgot about my problem, my family, my job, my dreams, my priority of work, I forgot this world, in short, I forgot everything but when you leave my side I feel worthless and it seems like I have no life without you.”

Happy Missing Day 2021:-


Confession Day 2021


Confession Day 2021

 Confession Day is celebrated on 19th February. This  Day is celebrated to confessing your love. You can say that accepting your feelings love towards someone. Finding love is a lucky thing but to confess your love is a very tough situation. Many boys and girls are always fear that if he or she will say no then what. Don’t worry we have only one life so confess your love.

  • Surprised by all that love is I remain alert in stillness Hurt by all that Love is I yearn for tenderness Happy Confession Day.
  • Strong and burning and so deep inside. Way down past everything that I try to hide. Happy Confession Day

Confession Day Images:-

Happy Flirting Day 2021

Happy Flirting Day 2019

Flirting Day 2021

Flirting Day is celebrated on 18 February Every Year. This Day comes After Perfume Day in an anti-valentine week. The Word Flirting has a different meaning it depends on the situation. I fare in a relationship with your loved ones and your relationship is stepped forward from friendship then you can do something romantic it is called to be flirting. But if you are not in a relationship and you want to cover all this thing then flirting is called as extra friendly.

Sometimes people not actually flirting but they want to get more attention from a beautiful person. In fa ew words you can sum up the meaning of flirting is I Love You. Here Love remains Constant and you are Variable change with the time.

Nowadays everyone is flirting and they name as love. But there is a vast difference between love and flirt. Love is feeling from the heart and on another side, flirt is only for time pass in flirt you don’t attach with person intentionally. So enjoy and celebrate Flirt Day.

Happy Flirting Day 2019

Happy Flirting Day to all.

Flirting Day Images

Valentine Day 2021: Happy Valentine Images


February is Month of Love, romance.14th February is the most romantic day of the year. these days Couples meet Each other and spend Quality time. This day is all about you and your better half. you can give a gift to your loved ones.

 To express your love you can write a romantic poem for your loved ones. You can also go on a date. You can go for a long drive to show your feelings. There are several ways to express your love as long as, it is very straight from the heart.

Valentine Day 2021: Happy Valentine Images



The True Essence Of Valentine’s Day!


True Meaning Of Valentine Day

The 14th of February is the day for lovers. Two people who are in love spend the day together all dressed up in red. It’s only the day but a whole week before starts with the rose day, kiss day, teddy day, hug day, chocolate day, promise day.

These days are a testimony of love. If You failing to celebrate them is a matter of great shame. It’s pressure from the society and of course the social media sites that you have to celebrate the days and that too with great zeal.

Diving in the past Valentine’s Day was as the saint day celebrated to honor the several Christian martyrs named Valentine. Valentine’s day is associated with love and romance. It became the day for the lovers.

The transition was phenomenal but what is more striking is the inclusion of the commercial aspect. This implies that gifting the cards or roses does not prove love nor does going for candlelight dinner prove love.

A celebration of love is not only for this day. Rather it’s a journey of a lifetime.It is not about dinner dates in fancy restaurants or some cards or a few roses or those super expensive chocolates, rather it is the feeling that someone has your back, through the thick and thin.

Love is holding the hair of your pregnant wife who is puking. Love is holding hands while crossing the road. It is about not expecting anything from your partner rather letting your partner be the way they are.

Love is just letting your love to be free and not in any boundaries. It does not chain you or bring freckles on your face rather it gets the best curve on your and that is your smile. Love is not about the celebration of the day for just a day but a feeling that converts your whole life into a celebration.

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