Sunday, March 7, 2021

Best Ways To Stop Hair Loss For Men and Women

Hair fall is a common issue and there is no person on this planet earth that can claim of not having witnessed this problem. As per statistics one-third of the population suffers from hair fall. Losing 100 hair strands is normal but if the hair fall is more than this or if the new hair don’t grow then it is matter of concern. Here are few tips that can prevent hair fall are as follows.

Regular hair wash with mild shampoo

Washing hair wash regularly prevents hair fall as the follicles are clean and can breathe. It is beneficial to use a mild shampoo that is free from harmful chemicals, toxins, and paraben. These elements harm the hair more that doing any good. Clean hair creates an impression of more volume and it looks good

Protein and vitamin in diet

Including essential vitamins and protein in diet ensures that there is adequate production of sebum in scalp, better blood circulation in hair to make the follicles productive. Vitamin B gives healthy shine and color to hair. Protein helps in hair building and prevents hair loss. Include the Vitamins and protein in diet either in form of natural food elements of by means of supplements.

Healthy lifestyle

Unhealthy lifestyle, stress, anxiety, and lack of sleep can cause severe hair fall. Therefore maintain a proper sleep cycle, do meditation, and follow regular exercise routine to assure that there is no lifestyle related hair fall. Consumption of caffeine and alcoholic beverages also result in hair fall and therefore should be avoided. Keep your body hydrated and for this include fruits and water in your schedule. If there is plenty of hydration in body then hair will maintain its health.

Massage with essential oils

Massaging hair roots with essential oils can reduce air fall. They keep the hair follicle active and promote hair growth. Lavender and sesame hair oil are best oils for massage. Rubbing garlic juice, and onion juice can promote hair fall. Rubbing green tea infused water in the hair scalp can promote healthy hair. Leave the green tea in hair for two hours and then wash with mild shampoo.

Apart from the above tips get your regular blood check ups done to ascertain if there is any deficiency in the body that is leading to hair fall. Importantly never brush or tie wet hair. Rubbing hair with dry towel should be completely avoided for healthy hair. 

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