Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Best Green University Campus Around The Globe

Universities around the world have the task of educating professionals to develop their abilities to bring a positive change in society. The universities have a system for an integral education that helps the students to develop society and humanity. Thus nowadays more and more universities are trying to go green and becoming more sustainable so the younger generations make sustainability an integral part of their life. Some of the universities that have bagged the title of the greenest university are as follows.

Simon Faser Universit, Canada

The Simon Faser University has contributed immensely towards environmental sustainability through its green initiatives in its Burnaby and Vancouver campuses. Around seven buildings come under the initiative including the School of business and gym.

Universidad Iberoamericana, Mexico

The Universidad Iberoamericana is highly committed to the following sustainability and reducing the hazardous methods that negatively impact the world climate. They strive to educate the professionals that can develop their skills through ethical and ecological practices.

Rafael Lándival University, Guatemala

The university is conscious about the resources being limited and thus feels socially responsible for managing the available resources optimally. The university has developed an environmental management that has become a benchmark for the other universities.

University of Alcalá, Spain

The University of Alcala is the third most sustainable university in the world as per the reports. There are several practices in the university to make it sustainable like recycling, energy efficiency, transport, and water. The teaching practices are green as they have study programs where one can attain a degree in environmental science, a doctorate in climate, space research, and study water resource management.

University of Central Lancashire, UK

The University of Central Lancashire has launched its Energy Board that allows the teachers, staff, and students to increase their awareness about water and energy consumption of each building on the campus. Thus they develop an understanding of their actions and their impact on the environment.

With the motive of going green and educating the professionals about it will happen that in the near future the Earth will become a better place to live.