Saturday, September 25, 2021

Best franchise Business in India 2021

India is the third-largest consumer market and the consumption is predicted to increase to the US $6 trillion by 2030. Thus India is the preferred destination for franchise brands from both the domestic and international markets. For a franchise to be profitable it should be unique, have various formats, give substantial training, and importantly commit to giving high profits with low investments.

The most profitable franchise for India 2021 could be in the automotive industry are as follows:

  1. E- ASHWA automotive private limited is one of the rising stars in the franchise business.Founded in: 2017

Franchising since: 2019

Franchise units: 10-20

Initial investments: from Rs 10 lakhs.

Royalty fees: from Rs 1.5 lakhs

e ashwa automotive Pvt Ltd

Today nothing much needs to say more about the need and importance of going eco-friendly and reducing pollution as much as possible. The company is the leading manufacturer of environmentally-friendly battery-operated vehicles.

The company makes the best quality e-Rickshaw, e-loader, e-Auto, e-Bike, e-Cart, and e-Scooter. The team at e-Ashwa is diligent and dedicated to bringing a positive impact on society. With a strong team, years of experience, and skilled workforce the company has set benchmark both in the automobiles and aviation industry. 

The company has a mission and vision to create world-class electric vehicles under the Make in India initiative. The company has its prime focus on indigenous technology, indigenous supply, and indigenous reliability, with world-class committed customer service. Owing to the fact that they have an amazing concept, which is innovative and going to stay for decades to come.

Investing in the franchise will prove to be beneficial. As it is the hot cake business it is the return on investments will be high and the conversion cycle will be less. Importantly much has been already advertised about the business thus getting customers will be easier.  Thus E-ASHWA is the most profitable franchise not only for 2020 but for many more years.


  1. Michaels Ice cream Burger

Founded in: 2017

Franchising since: 2019

Franchise units: 10

Initial investments: from Rs 5 lakhs.

Royalty fees: 10%

Michels ice cream burger franchise

The one of its kind, best of the two worlds it is hot crunchy on the outside along with cold and mushy on the inside. The ice creams are the creamiest ones that one will ever eat. They have a wide range of scoops and sundaes. The franchise is highly profitable and most definitely the unique concept of the blend.

The franchise has the advantage of low investment, high-profit margin compared to any other brand, the prices are highly affordable, and the franchise is available in three formats namely mall kiosk, mobile vehicle, and independent store.


3.Midway Café India

Founded in: 1987

Franchising since: 2016

Franchise units: 20-50

Initial investments: from Rs 10 lakhs.

Royalty fees: 10%

midway cafe india Michels ice cream burger franchise

Midway café needs no introduction and is a well-reputed brand from America, Washington.  It is a two-decade-old business that has stood the test of time. Interestingly it is now open for a franchise in India with the lowest investment and higher returns. The offerings are unique and there is no competition with the already established pizza or burger outlets. Once a person is here they are bound to be loyal to the place. The food and ambiance are perfect thus one of the best franchise options to take the market by a storm.


Apart from the above options Patanjali India, PMKVY, Dr. Batra’s, Amul Scoop are a few of the Indian brands that are open for a franchise and will prove their worth.

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