Sunday, May 16, 2021

Best beaches in Goa

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A human being is the fastest running animal in today’s world. People are having 9 to 5 job, social work, the directorship of a company and then family issues, responsibilities. Being in so much of a like trap, sometimes man feels to go aside from the pace of the world and enjoy being in the company of oneself and think where the life is heading and what is coming next to the face. Now the person thinks of going onto a holiday which is affordable yet enjoying. A destination which can provide a sway from stressful life and giving a positive vibe to work even more after the vacay.
India is a place full of vacation destinations. A person may take an example of Rajasthan which is full of historic places to amaze fully, Daman & Diu Island which is a place for enjoyment, Gujarat a place full of overwhelming hospitality and delicious food items, after all these jaw-dropping places comes a destination that one dream of to go once in life and the name is GOA. GOA is a place which is famous for its nightlife, its beaches, its sunset, and outstanding hospitality. People from different countries come to GOA for enjoying its beach sight, its happy yet silent atmosphere and the inner peace which is the need of the hour in the present time.
Here are the 5 most beautiful beaches in GOA which a person can afford easily and can have once in a lifetime experience:

Cola beach

Cola beach in GOA is one of the quietest places where one can go and enjoy the peaceful atmosphere. A person can also have a private night in the tents on the sand if want called as the MAHARAJA NIGHT. Cola Beach is said to be the most beautiful place in GOA for sunset.

Palolem Beach

Palolem is called one of the finest beaches in GOA. The sand has the curve of palms which tells that various tourists have seen the beautiful scenario and enjoyed the essence of nature. Palolem is also famous for being one of the safest areas for swimming in GOA.

Mobor Beach

Mobor is a beach in south GOA which has the name for various food shacks and mouth-watering drinks. It is a place most suited for tourists for long vacations at a slow pace. A person is if in GOA cannot deny the beauty of this place.

Colva Beach

Colva Beach is generally populated by parasailers, sunbathers who came to enjoy the sunny weather. A person can take the experience of boating here which becomes the catch of the day. GOA is full of beaches and Colva is a perfect place for an adventurous yet exciting vacation.

Candolim & Calangute Beach

Candolim & Calangute is the most popular beach in GOA amongst foreign tourists. Candolim & Calangute is known for the friendly environment due to various hotels by the coastline and delicious seafood for the seafood lovers. Due to the inviting and attracting atmosphere, Candolim & Calangute is the GOA’s most beautiful beach.
The list does not end here, GOA has many more destinations to enjoy and spend a beautiful vacation. If an expenditure is a concern then GOA also has several destinations which can be affordable yet amazing and memorable. GOA has several hotels for stay and not only beaches but many other destinations to view. It has a beautiful scenario which can save an image in mind to be remembered forever.