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Happy April fools’ Day : 1st April,2021

Happy April fools’ Day 2021

 April fools’ Day is an annual celebration in Western and  European countries on 1st April by playing practical jokes. The jokes and their victims are called April fools. For the first time since 1956 Easter Sunday and April Fools’ day take place on the same day. Today is the day for real fake news which means companies, newspapers, japesters around the world try to make fools of us with pranks.

This day is very popular but the day is not a holiday in any country. on this day some newspaper, magazines, and media report publish fake stories which are usually explained the next day or below the news section in smaller latter. apart from the April fools day playing of harmless pranks upon one’s neighbor has historically been relatively common in the world.
In the UK an April fool joke is revealed by shouting April fool at the recipient.

In Scotland April fools’ day was called “Huntingtown Day”.in England fool is known by a different name like a noodle, gob, gobby, noddy. In Ireland, it was the tradition that the victim with an important latter to be given that named person that person would then ask the victim to take to someone else and so on. The latter when finally open contained the words “send the fool further”.

In Italy, France, Belgium, Netherlands, and French-speaking areas of Switzerland and Canada this day is often known as April Fish day. In India, there have been lots of references to April Fools’ Day but this is not a part of any ancient culture of India.

Happy April fool’s 2021 Messages:-

It takes courage to make yourself a fool and you already did it happy April fool.
It is a better way to keep your mouth shut and people think you are a fool than open it let people think about you a fool and don’t clear their doubt about you.

My best friend thinks he is the smartest and he feels like an only onion makes him cry so I threw stone his face and made him realize he was wrong.

You are gorgeous, intelligent, smart, talented, clever and beautiful smiling? Happy April fools.

You can not touch your tongue to your eyebrow lets try it…and all the people do it! happy April fool only for you.

You are important to me…I can’t live without you even for a single moment. You are my life and I can feel you everywhere! Don’t think too much I am talking about oxygen.

5 Prank ideas for Happy April fools day 2021:-

1)Infest Their Office With (fake) Rat

2)Insect Lamp

3)Plant Your Own Lawn In The Office

4)Chicken Soup Shower

5)Attach An Airhorn To Their Seat

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