Thursday, May 13, 2021

An open letter from the beautiful lady Deepika Padukone on her fight with depression: help is there

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An open letter from the  Deepika Padukone on her fight with depression

mental illness is a taboo topic. Mental illness is not deal with care just like any other medical issue rather the person suffering is condemned. It is not easy and accepting it in public that you are suffering from this mental illness is very difficult, but it is needed that more and more people come forward and share their experience.

One such name that broke all taboos and shared her battle with depression is Deepika Padukone. She has always been open about her battle with depression and has encouraged people at large to talk about their mental illness. Dipika has written an open letter on her struggle with depression for Elle India’s 22nd-anniversary edition.

She wrote the letter just a few days before her marriage with the handsome and talented actor Ranveer Singh.The magazine took to their Instagram handle to share the letter. She has disclosed about her early stages of struggle when she was diagnosed with anxiety and clinical depression, her foundation Live, Love and Laugh also states the importance of having someone at your back in the times of darkness and help you by just being there.