Sunday, May 16, 2021

All that You need to know about ADHD in Children

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Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) affects the children and teens and can lead to adulthood also. It is commonly diagnosed as a mental disorder of children. These kids are hyperactive and are not able to control their impulses and cannot concentrate.

The symptoms of ADHD in children are

  • They get distracted easily.
  • They are unable to finish the task or follow the instructions
  • They appear that they are not listening
  • They forget their daily activities
  • They do not pay attention and thus make silly mistakes
  • Cannot organize their daily activities
  • They often lose their things
  • They daydream a lot
  • They are unable to do things that require them to sit still
  • They fidget or bounce while sitting
  • They have trouble playing quietly
  • They talk excessively
  • They are always on the go as if ‘driven by a motor’.
  • They are always running or climbing things are restless in general.

The impulsive behavior of an ADHD child:

  • The child has trouble to wait for his or her turn.
  • Blurts out the answer
  • Always interrupt other people

There are no exact causes that could lead to the disease but here are a few things that could lead to ADHD.

  • Heredity, it usually runs in families.
  • The brain must have chemicals that are not in balance.
  • Toxin could lead to a not fully developed brain of the child
  • A brain injury or brain disorder.
  • Poor nutrition, infections, smoking, drinking and abuse of mother during pregnancy, can affect the development of a child’s brain and thus lead to ADHD.
  • Lifestyle challenges like watching too much television, poor school or poor home life, or food allergies could also lead to ADHD.

ADHD treatment:

ADHD cannot be prevented or cured but getting good treatment and education plan can help the child in managing their symptoms. Therapy can also help the child.