Friday, May 14, 2021

All About The Accidental Prime Minister

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The Accidental Prime Minister

It is a movie acting by Anupam Kher and shows the dynamic between UPA chairperson Sonia Gandhi and former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh. On 27th December trailer is release and ever since it has faced immense controversy. This film is base on a novel by Sanjaya Baru and has the same title.

The movie has faced allegations and for this Kher had addressed a media conference in Mumbai on the 28th December. As per him, the controversies raise are quite unfortunate. The actor remarked

“We talk about freedom of expression. When we get a chance to exercise it, we’re stopped. Cinema has to move on. Show maturity and allow people to make such films. We are in the world of biopics. If we can use Milkha Singh and [Bal] Thackeray’s name, why can’t we make a film about politics? This is what we have done.” 

The trailer of the film shows Dr.Singh’s alleged conflict with former Congress President Sonia Gandhi. She is constantly trying to bring forward her son Rahul and get the limelight on him. Singh is shown handling the crisis one after the other with immense diligence yet remains unsung.

The Maharashtra Youth Congress has shown their revolt and will not let the film release if prior screening demand of them is not met. However, the screening demand as per Kher should not be met with he remarked “No, why should we have a special screening for the Congress? What’s the point of the censor board then? The only person I’d do it for is Manmohan Singh. He was not just the Congress Prime Minister but the Prime Minister of the whole country. They should encourage everyone to watch the film.”