Tuesday, March 2, 2021

Age is Just a Number: love is what actually matters

Age is Just a Number: love only matters

Milind Sonam is a popular name. This article is not about the looks of the man but his marriage and the age gap between the couple. All were shocked by his news of getting married to Ankita Powar, who happens to be very younger to the handsome hunk. 

The couple attracted too much of harsh comments and trolls as the age gap between them are huge. At the time of the wedding earlier the year Millind did not comment about it and now he spoke about it, and we area we struck with the comment.

Age gap: age is no hurdle for Milind

As per him and his sorted vision, he said age gap was never a factor for him, and he is least bothered about it. As per his outlook, each relationship sees two people from different background, age, culture, and experiences. Bingo, not that is a reply from the man of substances and we applaud him for that. These differences are to be accepted and understood rather than being a base for arguments.

Milind’s response: smart like him

The trolls did not make him lose his cool rather he handled it with immense maturity. He gave sound advice about a relationship and said in every relationship there are old habits that need to be unlearned to strive for a positive, healthy and strong relationship.

Work: on the work front for Milind

He is a man who is concerned about women and is working for their well-being. He travels 20 days a month for his even company. It was started in 1989 and has a company that makes a woman’s activewear. He is also busy with a foundation that is working on menstrual hygiene.
The couple is happy together and thus it is no one’s outlook to comment on the age gap between them.