Saturday, April 10, 2021

7 ways to say no to your boss without getting fired

We all have pour opinions and it is normal to agree to disagree. However, saying no to your boss can bring certain complications in your professional life or even get you fired. The boss may put extra workload on you or has a bad idea, these situations will require you say no but in a way that doesn’t cause issues for you. Here are few ways that can help you to save your interests and also say no at the same time.

Stay away from power struggle

You can win the game by starting with the note that the idea belongs to your boss. Start with your views and stand by it but in a subtle way. However, leave the final decision on your boss and let him take the final decision this will stop the power struggle.

Acknowledge that you have same goals

Make it clear that your ultimate aim is in favor of the company and you want the company to flourish. In this manner even if you say no to your boss you can pacify him and not intrigue.

Explain the consequences of your decision

A simple yes or no will only make the matter worse. Rather explain the reason and consequences of your action thus your boss will make a informed decision and not get offended.


Listen to your boss’s views and arguments and let hi know that you understand his perspective but then you have a different approach to the same issue. By empathizing you can get your boss to agree with you.

Set boundaries from start

Do not give liberty to your boss from the beginning if the request is regarding the time. During the working hours complete your work and if the boss asks for weekend favors explain yourself and it is apt that you set the boundaries from day one.

Share your facts

The situation has risen as your boss has a different opinion and you are defying it. Support your decision with substantial facts and if possible explain with the help of a power point presentation. Thus your efforts and facts can get the boss to agree with you.

Think through time

Say a no but depending on the situation. If your boss had a rough day or there was a work related complaint against you then it is better to avoid saying no for the moment. Keep your views for future.