Saturday, April 10, 2021

7 Tips To Really Impress In Your Next Job Interview

Getting your dream job is highly crucial and makes your life. Landing the job is not that easy and before you reach the summit it is crucial that you conquer the hill. Meeting complete strangers and the ones who are in a deciding position can get you anxious and nervous.    The key to impress anyone is that you sound and look confident and here are few tips that can impress in your next job interview.

Good posture

First impression matters the most. Stand tall and erect with shoulders broaden as you enter the interview hall. The act will radiate positive energy and will depict you as a confident person. Irrespective of how nervous you are never show it during the interview.

Firm handshake

Handshakes are more important than you think. Greeting with a warm and firm handshake,as it will be the first and only physical contact with the interviewer so it has to be perfect. Make firm and sturdy handshake. Importantly, smooth hands with no sweat are the rule.

Eye contact

It is a struggle to gaze in ones eye or let others gaze in your eyes. However this is the trick to look straight in the eyes while striking the conversation as it will add to your personality and confidence.


A smile is the best make up that you will wear on the big day. Appear as if you are enjoying yourself and show that you are interested in the conversation. Having a sweet smile on your face will create the magic.

Sit straight

Unless the interview is done sitting etiquette is very important. Cross your legs or place them perfectly on chair while maintaining adequate distance between the two legs neither too wide nor too close. It will depict  your  energy  and tell  loads about your  personality  and  mental state.


Fake it till you make it is the key here. Even if you are close to nervous breakdown pretend that you are confident and sure about everything around you. Not a single recruiter  on this Earth will prefer to hire a dull and nervous candidate. Do not tap  your feet, or fidget  with things around you or any such gesture that can show your low self-confidence.

Use your hands

It is important as how you use your hands while conversation. Both, moving your hands too  far  while saying something  or keeping it closed will  appear as a bad  gesture.  The key is making soft hand gestures to explain your point and show your firm belief in them.


Go prepared with basic questions and also practice a few demo interview questions so that you are confident on your big day.