Saturday, September 25, 2021

7 Tips to Fix Your Attitude and Achieve Your Goal

A common  saying  is “a bad attitude is like flat tire, you can’t go anywhere until you change it”. Now  when  discussing  about  attitude  it  is  crucial  that  we  can  differentiate  between attitude  and  behavior. Attitude is how people think, feel, and tend to behave towards people or things. Behavior  on  the other hand is an activity or the action done. It is result of attitude. For example Aman has a  negative  attitude for brain  drain  and  thus  he  declined  a  job  in foreign multinational (behavior).

Thus it can be said  that  attitude  serves as  a  filter through which we see the world. Attitude determines your way of life and if you change your attitude from positive to negative you can change your life. Thus here are  a few  tips and  tricks  that can fix your attitude and achieve your goal.

Your dominant thoughts rule the day

There is power within us and it takes us or pushes to the direction of our dominant thoughts. In simple words we become what we think.

Picture your success

Walt Disney said “if you can dream it, you can do it.’ Control the thoughts that come to your head and perceive them. Use the power of your mind to picture your way to success. Instead of thinking and stressing on what you don’t have divert your attention to what you have.

Quit complaining

Complaining is the most negative thing that hinders your growth. The  more you  complain the bigger your problems become. Complaining will get you nothing it diverts your energy from doing any thing constructive.


We all have goals in our mind but then people who write the goals are the ones who  achieve it. Thus write your goal and make a commitment to yourself and give your best to achieve it.

Face your fears

It is only after you overcome your fears you see the road to success, it is your fears that  stop you from achieving  your dreams as you are scared to step  out  of  your  comfort  zone.  The moment you step out of your comfort zone and encounter your fears half the road to success has been treaded.

Why not me?

When we encounter a problem we often ask the question “why me” in fact take the situation as your learning experience and take it as a opportunity to learn something new.

You become your words

Words have incredible power. Choose words that push you towards your goals, as they are products of your thoughts and beliefs.

Above all it is the positive attitude that can help you achieving success. Spend time with people who have positive thoughts and vision, as their attitude will become yours.

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