Wednesday, March 3, 2021

7 Reasons Why You Should Build App For E-commerce Business

We are in a digital era and the importance of having a mobile-friendly website for the growth the business is crucial. However, if the business doesn’t have a mobile app then you are missing on a very crucial growth opportunity. There are several reasons for creating a mobile app for ecommerce and they are as follows.

Best method of Internet browsing

Most of people surfing net prefer to use mobile apps rather than mobile websites. Presently people are spending six times more browsing time on the net via mobile app than a mobile website. Majority of people prefer to access an ecommerce store via a mobile app rather than the website. The mobile apps are user-friendly and more efficient as compared to the mobile website and this favours its use.

Direct marketing channel

It is the favoured marketing channel as the customers get personalized experience based on their choices. As the app is downloaded the preference can be stated for getting preferred treatment. Importantly, apart from the recorded data like location or browsing cookies, the content is also presented without any adherence to marketing budget or location.

Builds loyalty

Mobile app has more accessibility as compared to the mobile websites. With just a few clicks and taps the complete navigation regarding products is done. It can be concluded that customers tend to return back to the store when they access from the app. The app works in building strong customer relation and it removes the consumers who have no interest in the brand.

High conversion rate

Business conversion rate is high as the sales platform is highly accessible, usable, and efficient. The cycle is considered complete when the customer buys the products and makes the payment. If there is any difficulty in the process the cycle is abandoned. Mobile apps are more efficient and push the customers in buying the product. Apps have three to four times higher conversion rates as compared to mobile websites.

Lower response time

The mobile apps are more responsive and it requires less data and page

Smartphone traffic has increased and it is estimated that it will continue to rise in future. Many businesses have benefitted from the trend and as per statistics it is safe to say that mobile commerce will make up for three-fourth of the global ecommerce sales.