Thursday, July 29, 2021

7 Qualities You Should Know About Sachin Tendulkar


Humility is the Biggest and best quality of Sachin Tendulkar. humility makes him a special person and makes him different from another person. He gives respect to everyone equally. He acquires thoughts and ideas about the game from anyone regardless of their position. He always respects his fans, he gives respect to elders and guides the young. He trains himself so hard that’s why he can predict any bowlers’ next delivery by just analyzing the situation. His Honest and humble nature made everyone fall in love with him.


Discipline is a path of success you can not achieve success without discipline. Getting discipline is the hardest thing to achieve. Sachin makes Discipline for a game and he never compromises in a practice. Discipline is not only about hard work but it also requires a mentally stable attitude so discipline is about control of both body and soul without this your talent is nothing without discipline your talent reaches nowhere. 

3)Nothing Is Impossible:-

This is what we learn from Sachin’s life nothing is impossible. It seems impossible to score 100 centuries in cricket but Sachin makes this possible. Until he achieves this milestone everyone thought it to be an impossible task. There is nothing called impossible if you inspire to achieve, You can make anything possible in this world. From Sachin Tendulkar’s life, you can learn this lesson.

4)Hard Work:-

Sachin spent a lot of time in net practice which makes Sachin confident toward his game and also increases love for the game. To do well in your field whether it is business, job or studies its requires hard work there is no shortcut for success. Hard work is the only option. When you put all efforts and hard work in your work definitely you getting good results.


There is no other better example than Sachin Tendulkar for the dedication. Sachin all the time dedicated to his game. Sachin comes on the ground for play even on the second day of his father’s depth. In this innings, Sachin made 100 runs and tribute to his dad. When we are fully dedicated to our work whatever you do, Work with dedication no one can stop you to achieve your goal.

6)Stay Focus:-

Sachin always focuses on his game he never tried another thing rather than cricket. He plays only cricket no other game that’s why all energy and efforts are work in only one direction and this the biggest reason for his success. And due to his focused nature, he never gets disturbed by the failure. From This Quality, we should learn not to lose hope in ourselves when no is believe in you.

7)Never Ever Give Up:-

Sachin Faces Lots of health problems like tennis elbow and also a family problem like the depth of his father. But all these hurdles never stop Sachin to make him a great sportsperson. This is the most important lesson you can learn from Sachin Tendulkar’s life. When it is a bad situation or bad circumstance, even you have not enough support for your work you must keep going and never ever give up!

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