Wednesday, April 14, 2021

7 Best Languages To Learn In world

The world is a global place and learning more languages proves to be a vital skill. Learning foreign languages helps to secure good positions in MNCs or even get placement in foreign lands. Importantly it is a fun thing to know various languages and here is the list of top seven languages of the world that are fun and interesting to learn.

Mandarin Chinese

There are over one billion Mandarin Chinese speakers in the world and therefore it tops the list. The speakers are mostly located in China and therefore if you are planning to start a business with the country or travel there knowing the language will add another aspect to your personality.


German is the most commonly spoken language in all parts of Europe. Germany continues to be the strongest country of Europe in terms of Economy. Thus if you intend to do business with Europe or travel there then learning the language will be useful. The language is very easy to learn.


Spanish has a large number of native speakers and a number of overall speakers. Spanish-speaking countries are located in South and Central America and they are popular travel destinations.


French is often referred to as the language of the world as it was the international diplomatic language for centuries. However, as the United States rose as global power English became a more accepted language. It is still a powerhouse and a loved tourist destination therefore learning the language is fruitful.


Arabic started as a nomadic language and spoken between moving tribes. However, today it is the official language of the Arab League, consisting of 22 countries like Morocco, Egypt, Jordan, and UAE.


English is a commonly accepted language in many countries of the world rather it even commands more respect than the mother tongue and therefore having knowledge of the language has immense benefits.


The language is beautiful and is derived from Sanskrit, which is considered the mother of most foreign languages. With India rising as a global power, learning the language will have immense benefits.

The above-mentioned languages have a large number of speakers, are highly usable and versatile. The geographic location of the region speaking this language is a hot spot tourist location, which is worth your while. Thus enroll for any of the languages and reap the benefits.