Thursday, May 13, 2021

6 Resolutions that you need to Abandon

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6 Resolutions that you need to Abandon

The official time of the year is here where you need to make resolutions only to break them even before the first week of the New Year comes to an end. We make resolutions and try to be a better person but deep down in our mind we know that resolutions are made to be broken, however, there are certain resolutions that should not be made at all, as they are not even worthy of being considered and few of those resolutions are as follows:

Meet my online friends:-

please do not attempt this it could be a crime as the profile picture of your friend flattering and they talk in the best possible way and are great conversation starters but trust me all humans have flaws and so will this friend of yours and you may not connect with them and then have trust issues, so the better way is that just remain friends in the digital world and not real world.

Read more books:-

now this one is a joke that you need to do away with. It is a self-delusion as this year will be same to the last same work commitments and personal commitments you will be busy and however you may love reading you will not be able to track downtime for it and then the guilt will peep in, thus stay away from this resolution and read the newspaper to keep yourself updated with the current affairs.

Use my smartphone less:-

please, this is the weirdest resolution of all, your hands and fingers will get tired of doing nothing your eyes will look lost and you will become a zombie so if ever if plan to make this resolution have a look at your smartphone and think is the separation really worth it.

Travel more:-

every year we make travel bucket list but again as you are busy person with constraint of budget traveling more will not be possible as if it would have been so you would have traveled the world by now, because to travel there is hard work involved like selecting the destination, booking flight and hotel reaching everywhere on time and what not so please be sure before making this resolution.

Eat healthy:-

come on with celebrations year round and new food joints and hotels creeping like mushrooms is it possible to even stay away from the junk food. Absolute no so simply digs in as good food is bliss and should not be missed, even if it can result in bad health and some diseases.

 Exercise more:-

Rabbit is more active than tortoise but the former leaves just for 5 years and the latter for a century so it is better off that you are lazy and save the energy for the long span of life because it’s important to be alive. 
Well, you need to make the above resolutions and for once make honest and diligent efforts to fulfill them as it is crucial for the better avatar of you.