5000+ Indonesia programming Telegram Groups Link

Hello, guys today we will share Best Indonesia programming Telegram Groups Link. Computer programming is the process of designing and building an executable computer program to accomplish a specific computing result. Programming involves tasks such as analysis, generating algorithms, profiling algorithms’ accuracy, and resource consumption, and the implementation of algorithms in a chosen programming language (commonly referred to as coding). The source code of a program is written in one or more languages that are intelligible to programmers, rather than machine code, which is directly executed by the central processing unit.

The purpose of programming is to find a sequence of instructions that will automate the performance of a task (which can be as complex as an operating system) on a computer, often for solving a given problem. Proficient programming thus often requires expertise in several different subjects, including knowledge of the application domain, specialized algorithms, and formal logic. I will definitely suggest you try Telegram once and join Telegram Groups. Make some friends here, also you will get some awesome content.

Step for joining Telegram, Group are Follow: 

  1. Scroll down and see the lot telegram groups link
  2. Choose any telegram groups and tap on that
  3. It redirects new window and says choose apps
  4. Then, simple Choose telegram apps, and Hit on JOIN GROUP, That Done!

Some rules and regulations 

  • These groups are only for friendship. So don’t create any trouble in the group.
  • Always keep discipline in the groups.
  • for any problem, you will have to responsible for that.
  • Don’t try to change any group’s name, icon, and group status without admin permission.
  • Always respect the group members and obey the rule of admin.
  • don’t share any porn videos and images to the group otherwise, you will be removed by admins.
  • You will have to message at least one or two daily. 

Indonesia programming Telegram Groups Link List

Programming Language


ADB (Android Developer Bandung): Join Now
ADN (Android Developer Nasional): Join Now
Belajar Bareng Android Jakarta: Join Now
SANDEC (Semarang Android Developer Center): Join Now
AndroidDev Surabaya: Join Now
Android Developer Lombok:  Join Now
Android Developer Medan: Join Now


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Agile Circle Indonesia: Join Now


Bash.ID: Join Now


C/C++ Indonesia:Join Now
Indonesia C/C++ Warriors:  Join Now


Crystal User Group Indonesia: Join Now


Flutter Indonesia: Join Now


Elixir ID:  Join Now


Golang Indonesia:  Join Now
Golang Surabaya: Join Now


Haskell ID: Join Now


JVM User Group:  Join Now


Angular Indonesia: Join Now
Electron Desktop User Group: Join Now
Ionic Indonesia: Join Now
Javascript Indonesia: Join Now
Semarang JS: Join Now
Nodejs Indonesia: Join Now
NuxtJs Indonesia: Join Now
Polymer Indonesia: Join Now
React Indonesia: Join Now
React Native Indonesia: Join Now
SurabayaJs: Join Now
Vue.js Indonesia: Join Now
Adonis.js Indonesia: Join Now
Lombok Js: Join Now
Jogja Js: Join Now


Kotlin Indonesia: Join Now
Kotlin Cirebon: Join Now


dotnet.id: Join Now
Xamarin Indonesia: Join Now

Pascal – Delphi

Pascal Indonesia: Join Now
Kelompok Penggemar Pemrograman Delphi Indonesia: Join Now


CodeIgniter Indonesia: Join Now
Laravel Indonesia: Join Now
PHP Indonesia for Student: Join Now
PHP Indonesia Jogloraya: Join Now
Symfony Framework Indonesia: Join Now
Telegram Bot PHP – Indonesia: Join Now
Yii Framework Indonesia: Join Now


Django Indonesia: Join Now
Flask ID: Join Now
Python ID: Join Now
Surabaya.py: Join Now
Lombok.py: Join Now


Rails Indonesia: Join Now
Ruby Indonesia: Join Now


Rust Indonesia: Join Now


Swift Indonesia: Join Now


MongoDB Indonesia: Join Now


MySQL Indonesia: Join Now


Firebase Indonesia: Join Now


Arduino Indonesian Community: Join Now
Raspberry PI Indonesia: Join Now


Docker.id: Join Now
IDDevOps: Join Now
Kubernetes Indonesia: Join Now
ServerLess Tech: Join Now
Cloud Computing Indonesia: Join Now


Indonesian Software Quality Assurace: Join Now

Data PlayGround

Big Data Indonesia: Join Now
Big Data Official Group: Join Now
Block Chain Indonesia: Join Now
Machine Learning Indonesia: Join Now
ScrapeID: Join Now


Belajar GNU R Indonesia: Join Now
Belajar HTML: Join Now
Bot Telegram API: Join Now
CirebonDev: Join Now
Femalegeek: Join Now
Frontend Developer Indonesia: Join Now
Gresik Dev: Join Now
IAM Indonesia: Join Now
IT Nusantara: Join Now
Kongkow IT Medan: Join Now
Taman Kode-Kode: Join Now
Odoo – OpenERP Indonesia: Join Now
Programmer Semarang Raya: Join Now
Santren Koding: Join Now
Sidoarjo Dev: Join Now
SinauDev – Sinau Development: Join Now
Surabaya Dev: Join Now
Tech in Asia Dev Community: Join Now
Vim Indonesia: Join Now
W3ID – WWWID PWA: Join Now


Microservice Architecture: Join Now
Microservice ID (Cloud Native): Join Now


Arch Linux Indonesia: Join Now
Belajar GNU/Linux Indonesia: Join Now
BlankOn Linux: Join Now
CentOS.ID: Join Now
Deepin Linux Indonesia: Join Now
Dotfiles Indonesia: Join Now
Elementary OS Indonesia: Join Now
Fedora Indonesia: Join Now
GNOME Indonesia: Join Now
Grup Pengguna Gentoo Indonesia: Join Now
Kali Linux Indonesia: Join Now
KDE Indonesia: Join Now
Komunitas GNU/Linux Malang: Join Now
Linux Mint Indonesia: Join Now
Manjaro Indonesia: Join Now
openSUSE Indonesia: Join Now
ParrotSec Indonesia: Join Now
Slackware Indonesia: Join Now
TeaLinuxOS: Join Now
Ubuntu Indonesia: Join Now


Laskar Setan Merah – Sharing All About FreeBSD: Join Now


Mikrotik Indonesia: Join Now


Reversing.ID: Join Now
ForensicaID: Join Now
DevSevOps Indonesia: Join Now


Windows 10 Community ID: Join Now
PegelWindows: Join Now


Mac OS X ID: Join Now


iKaskus: Join Now

Tentang Telegram

Tentang Telegram: Join Now
Telegram beta: Join Now
Telegram Themes: Join Now

Open Source

DOSCOM – Dinus Open Source Community: Join Now

Lowongan Kerja

Lowongan Kerja IT: Join Now
Freelancer – Indonesia: Join Now
Rails Indonesia Loker: Join Now
Ruby Indonesia Loker: Join Now


Cafe Startup 140315: Join Now


Geographic Information System and Remote Sensing

GIS Indonesia: Join Now

Grup Pemrograman Indonesia

PHP Indonesia: Join Now — Grup Telegram Komunitas PHP Indonesia.
JUG Indonesia: Join Now — Grup kumpulan para pegiat Java di Indonesia.
Kotlin Indonesia: Join Now — Kotlin User Group Indonesia
Kotlin Cirebon: Join Now — Grup Kotlin Cirebon
Ruby Indonesia: Join Now — Grup diskusi seputar bahasa pemrograman Ruby.
Python ID: Join Now — Grup Programmer Python Indonesia.
Surabaya.py: Join Now — Grup diskusi Python regional Surabaya.
Lombok.py: Join Now — lombok.py adalah sebuah perkumpulan para penggiat python di Lombok
Indonesian Python Warriors: Join Now — Ndak boleh baper, tapi kalau nanya yang bener, sertain source codenya, jangan difoto pake HP, copas ke pastebin.com.
Exilir ID: Join Now — Elixir Indonesia
Golang Indonesia: Join Now — Grup Programmer Go atau Golang Indonesia.
Pascal Indonesia: Join Now — Grup diskusi seputar bahasa pemrograman Pascal.
Swift Indonesia: Join Now — Grup diskusi seputar bahasa pemrograman Swift.
Nodejs Indonesia: Join Now — Indonesian NodeJs Developer Community.
Frontend Developer Indonesia: Join Now — Grup diskusi seputar Front End.
Telegram Bot PHP – Indonesia: Join Now — Grup ini untuk diskusi tentang pembuatan bot telegram menggunakan bahasa pemrograman PHP.
Rust Indonesia: Join Now — Komunitas Rust Indonesia
KPPDI: Join Now — Komunitas Penggemar Pemrograman Delphi Indonesia. Group Telegram KPPDI, tempat untuk berdiskusi, berbagi ilmu dan pengalaman di bidang pemrograman Delphi.
Indonesia C/C++ Warriors: Join Now — Group C/C++ Indonesia
CrystalID: Join Now — Group Crystal Indonesia
UXD | PHP Indonesia: Join Now — Learn together about frontend development & ui/ux design.
Petani Kode Indonesia: Join Now — Group diskusi untuk Petani Kode.
Belajar HTML & CSS: Join Now — Sharing mengenai HTML & CSS
Lombok JS: Join Now — Tempat berkumpulnya Programmer Javascript di Lombok.
Termux User Indonesia: Join Now — Termux User Group Indonesia.
Haskell ID: Join Now — Tempat berkumpulnya Haskell enthusiast
WebAssemblyID: Join Now — Indonesian WebAssembly enthusiasts.
Typescript Indonesia: Join Now — Komunitas TypeScript Indonesia
Javascript Indonesia: Join Now — Membahas javascript secara universal.
Belajar GNU R Indonesia: Join Now — Group tempat belajar bahasa pemrograman R.
HTML Indonesia: Join Now — Group HTML Indonesia.

Framework dan Library

Laravel Indonesia: Join Now — Grup diskusi, berita terbaru, dan segala tentang Laravel Framework.
Codeigniter Indonesia: Join Now — Grup diskusi framework CodeIgniter.
Symfony Framework Indonesia: Join Now — Grup ini adalah tempat belajar, berdiskusi dan saling membantu bagi pengguna Framework Symfony, terutama versi 2 ke atas.
RailsID: Join Now — Grup diskusi seputar framework Ruby on Rails (RoR).
Django Indonseia: Join Now — Grup diskusi seputar framework Django
Vue.js Indonesia: Join Now — Grup diskusi seputar Vue.js
Net Indonesia: Join Now — Grup diskusi seputar framework .Net.
Flask ID: Join Now — Diskusi Pengguna Flask / Python Indonesia
Polymer Indonesia: Join Now — Diskusi seputar library Polymer
ReactJS.id: Join Now — Group Reactjs Indonesia
React Native ID: Join Now — React Native Indonesia
Angular Indonesia: Join Now — Grup Angular Indonesia
Yii Framework Indonesia: Join Now — Grup Yii Framework Indonesia
Ionic Indonesia: Join Now — Komunitas ionic Indonesia
Electron Atom: Join Now — Electron Desktop User Grup
XAMARIN INDONESIA: Join Now — Grup Programmer Xamarin Indonesia.
Dotnet Core Indonesia: Join Now — All about Microsoft .NET Core Technology
Nuxt.js Indonesia: Join Now — Komunitas NuxtJS Indonesia.
IDRails Lounge: Join Now — Komunitas IDRails
Apache Cordova Indonesia: Join Now Komunitas Apache Cordova Indonesia.
Flutter Indonesia: Join Now — Flutter Indonesia User Group (FB Group)
Indonesia Qt Community: Join Now — Komunitas Qt Indonesia.
JAM Stack Indonesia: Join Now — JAM Stack: Javascript ¤ APIs ¤ Markup ♡ SSG: Jekyll ¤ Hugo ¤ Hexo ¤ Gatsby ¤ Pelican ¤ VuePress ¤ Sculpin ¤ Hakyll ¤ Eleventy ♡ Firebase.


MySQL & MariaDB Indonesia: Join Now — Group belajar, diskusi, dan berbagi tentang DBMS MySQL dan MariaDB.
MySQL Indonesia: Join Now — MySQL Indonesia User Group
SQLite Indonesia: Join Now — Group belajar, diskusi, dan berbagi tentang DBMS SQLite.

Android Developer

Android Developer Nasional: Join Now — Grup developer android nasional.
ADB (Android Developer Bandung): Join Now — Komunitas Android Developer Bandung
Semarang Android Developer: Join Now — Buat kamu yang berdomisili di Semarang, bisa ikut grup ini.
#BelajarBareng Jakarta: Join Now — Belajar Bareng Android Jakarta
AdMob Indonesia: Join Now — Group belajar AdMob Indonesia
Rembang Android Developer: Join Now — Komunitas Developer Kota Rembang yang Bergerak Dibidang Android
Android Developer Lombok: Join Now — Group ini adalah group khusus untuk para android Developer atau untuk siapa saja yang ingin mendalami Android.
AndroidDev – Surabaya: Join Now — Komunitas Android Developer Surabaya

Hardware & Elektro

Edukasi Elektronika dan Arduino Indonesia: Join Now — Group Edukasi Elektronika dan Arduino Indonesia.
Lombok.iot: Join Now — lombok.iot adalah sebuah perkumpulan para penggiat IOT di Lombok, NTB. Group ini sebagai sarana untuk belajar, sharing,diskusi terkait IOT baik itu software, hardware dan lain sebagainya.
Pojok Arduino & Elektro: Join Now — Tempat berkumpulnya para pecinta Arduino & Elekro untuk saling shareing project, menanyakan masalah, dan bersanda gurau.

Lain-lain (Masih Berkaitan dengan IT dan Pemrograman)

Machine Learning ID: Join Now — Indonesian Machine Learning Enthusiasts.
Tech in Asia Dev Community: Join Now — Grup Developer Tech in Asia
SinauDev – Sinau Development: Join Now — Sinau Development. Sinau Development adalah wadah sarana belajar bersama terkait hardware and software development.
Big Data Indonseia: Join Now — Big Data Indonesia : hadoop world, ambari, spark, hive, hbase, kafka etc… elasticsearch user also welcome!
Vim Indonesia: Join Now — Tempat diskusi dan ngobrol Vim. Baru belajar atau sudah pakai vim boleh.
ISQA: Join Now — Indonesia Software Quality Assurance
IDDevOps: Join Now — DevOps adalah grup yang khusus membahas mengenai deployment app ke server
Docker.id: Join Now — Grup diskusi seputar teknologi Docker
Kongkow IT Medan: Join Now — Grup diskusi seputar IT
Startup Indonesia on Telegram: Join Now — Startup Indonesia adalah tempat berkumpulnya para pelaku bisnis rintisan (Startup) bisnis yang baru dirintis dan memiliki visi jauh ke depan.
Street Style Analyst: Join Now — Room trader FX n stock (Pure TA) analisa simpel menggunakan trendline dan fibo, dan juga screening menggunakan AFL.
Lowongan Kerja IT: Join Now — Grup lowongan kerja IT
Freelancer Indonesia: Join Now — Tempat berbagi info, kenalan, kerjaan, tips & curhatan (terutama revisi, invoice & sinyal) bagi para freelancer Indonesia.
ServerLess (AWS, Firebase, Azure, Bluemix, etc): Join Now — All about server less tech.
Pojok Programmer: Join Now — Tempat bercanda ria ala programmer.
Cafe Startup: Join Now — Group Telegram membahas Startup
Windows 10 Community: Join Now— ? Official Grup Telegram untuk Grup Facebook Windows 10 Community ?
ScrapeID: Join Now — Indonesian scrapper forum
Mozilla Indonesia: Join Now — Group telegram Komunitas Mozilla Indonesia. Group ini terbuka untuk siapapun yang ingin bergabung dalam diskusi terutama seputar Mozilla, Teknologi Web, dsb.
Startup Life Indonesia: Join Now — Grup tempat membicarakan kehidupan Startup bisnis dari mulai pre-life (ide) sampai exit/post-mortem (setelah mati).
Koding Kopi: Join Now — Tempat diskusi bebas santai kayak dipantai.
Lombok Developer: Join Now — Komunitas Developer Lombok sering mengadakan event teknologi rutin dengan target peserta: pelajar, developer, coder, programmer, engineer, sysadmin dan profesi terkait.
Kongkow IT Pekanbaru: Join Now — komunitas IT kota Pekanbaru
Computer Stuff: Join Now — Forum untuk berdiskusi dan berbagi segala sesuatu tentang komputer dan internet.
Scrum Chapter Semarang: Join Now — Grup ini adalah tempat kumpul seluruh member Scrum Chapter Semarang.
Bitcoin Indonesia: Join Now — Komunitas Bitcoin Indonesia
Free Kelas GITHUB: Join Now — Free Kelas GITHUB. Belajar manajemen dan pengembangan aplikasi.
Indie Devs: Join Now — Independent developer
Odoo-OpenERP Indonesia: Join Now — Grup diskusi seputar Odoo-OpenERP
Kampung Koin: Join Now — Tempat tinggal warga Cryptocurrencies. Diskusi, belajar trading dan mining.
Acara Startup: Join Now — Info Event Startup Indonesia
Indonesian Quantum Computing Enthusiasts: Join Now — Penggemar Komputasi Kuantum Indonesia.
Indonesia VR/AR Developer: Join Now — Group untuk diskusi dan berbagi ilmu dalam technology untuk VR, AR dan 3D
Oracle Indonesia: Join Now — Group belajar, diskusi, dan berbagi tentang berbagai produk dan teknologi Oracle.
Mac OS X Indonesia: Join Now — Komunitas Mac OS X Indonesia.
Machine Learning Lombok: Join Now — Group untuk sharing dan diskusi disiplin ilmu Machine Learning / Deep Learning di wilayah Lombok Nusa Tenggara Barat.
PWA Indonesia: Join Now — Komunitas (Progressive Web App) PWA Indonesia
Cirebon Dev: Join Now — Komunitas Developer Cirebon. Be developer, be creator, be awesome.
Taman Kode-Kode: Join Now — Media pembelajaran yang membahas pemrograman dari dasar.
Surabaya Dev: Join Now — SurabayaDev adalah komunitas IT yang membantu meningkatkan dan memanfaatkan potensi pegiat IT di seluruh Indonesia khususnya di kota Surabaya.
IT Indonesia: Join Now — Sarana berbagi ilmu dan diskusi. Tempat bertanya dan berbagi. Terbuka bagi siapa saja yang ingin bertanya, belajar masalah IT maupun bagi yang ingin berbagi ilmu.
Informatika Indonesia: Join Now — Berbagi dan Perluas Jaringan.
SIS-TEAM: Join Now — merupakan sebuah grup yang membahas seputar Information Technology (Program, Design, Hack, Dsb).
Bot Telegram API: Join Now — ? Tempat belajar membuat bot based on Telegram API ???.
TERMUX INDONESIA: Join Now — Group Termux Indonesia
Komunitas Backend Developer: Join Now — Channel bertujuan untuk sharing , diskusi dan membahas seputar bidang Backend.
IT Djombang: Join Now — Official Group Telegram of IT Djombang.
Lombok Game Developr: Join Now — Komunitas Game Developer Lombok.
RPL Indonesia: Join Now — Grup Rekayasa Perangkat Lunak
Banyuwangi Dev: Join Now — Banyuwangi Dev adalah komunitas programmer yang belokasi di Banyuwangi.

Blogger dan CMS

Hugo Indonesia: Join Now — Komunitas Hugo Indonesia adalah tempat ngumpul para pengguna, pembuat template, dan pengembang Hugo dari seluruh penjuru nusantara
Blogger Indonesia: Join Now — Tempat bagi para blogger indonesia untuk diskusi santai seputar blog di Telegram, boleh promosi, bebas namun dengan batasan norma yang berlaku.
Personal Blog – INDONESIA: Join Now — ?Blog, merupakan singkatan dari web log. Dengan konten yang dimuat berupa posting secara berkala.
WordPress Indonesia: Join Now — Group penggemar WordPress.
Adsense Indonesia: Join Now — Forum belajar dan sharing tips & trik adsense.
Medium Indonesia: Join Now — Tempat berbagi karya dan inspirasi dari Medium.com


Zenfone All Series: Join Now — Ruang diskusi seputar Zenfone all series (Root,Rom official,Custom Rom,Apk Support,dll)
Mi Telegram Indonesia: Join Now — Grup diskusi pengguna gadget Xiaomi indonesia

? Group Hacking & Computer Security

Jasakom Perjuangan: Join Now — Official Grup Jasakom
Devilzc0de: Join Now — Devilzc0der – Belajar, Bermain, Bercengkrama
Reversing.ID: Join Now — Group yang membahas tentang Reverse Engineering baik software, hardware, dsb.
Forensika.ID: Join Now — Dikusi mengenai dunia digital forensic
Kriptografi ID: Join Now — Grup diskusi tentang kriptografi.

? Jaringan Komputer dan Jaringan Akses

Ilmu Planning Optim Telekomunikasi: Join Now — membahas segala ilmu radio planning dan optim jaringan telekomunikasi
belajarkonfig.com: Join Now — group sharing & belajar konfig networking devices
Komunitas wifi.id: Join Now — Saling berbagi informasi seputar wifi.id yang ada di indonesia dan sejenisnya.
WINDOWS SERVER INDONESIA: Join Now — Grup diskusi tentang Windows Server.

? Komunitas Linux dan Opensource

Belajar GNU/Linux Indonesia: Join Now — Grup diskusi seputar Linux.
Ubuntu Indonesia: Join Now — Ruang diskusi seputar Ubuntu, Debian, Mint, dan keluarganya
BlankOn Linux: Join Now — Grup diskusi pengembang BlankOn.
Kali Linux Indonesia: Join Now — Grup diskusi seputar Kali Linux.
Grup Pengguna Gentoo Indonesia: Join Now — Tempat ngacaprak gajebo mengenai Gentoo dan anak cucunya
Belajar LibreOffice Indonesia: Join Now — Grup Khusus Membahas Tentang LibreOffice.
Raspberry PI Indonesia: Join Now — Komunitas Raspberry PI Indonesia.
Cikarang Linux User Group: Join Now — CLUG adalah komunitas pengguna GNU/Linux di Cikarang.
Elementary OS Indonesia: Join Now — Komunitas pengguna elementary OS di Indonesia.
Fedora Indonesia: Join Now — Komunitas pengguna Fedora Linux di Indonesia.
Remaster GNU/Linux Indonesia: Join Now — Grup Remaster Linux Indonesia.
dracOs Linux Indonesia: Join Now — An open source operating system provides to penetration testing and packed with a ton of pentest tools.
Cikarang Linux User Group: Join Now — CLUG adalah komunitas pengguna GNU/Linux di Cikarang.
DOSCOM: Join Now — Kami adalah komunitas open source di bidang perangkat lunak yang memilik visi untuk “ Memasyarakatkan Open Source dan Meng-Open Source-kan Masyrakat ” melalui berbagai kegitan seperti workshop, seminar dan sharing session, Kami juga meracik TealinuxOS
KBL Bumigora: Join Now — Klub Belajar Linux STMIK Bumigora Mataram.
Linux From Scratch Indonesia: Join Now — Linux From Scratch – Your Distro Your Rules. Membahas seputar Linux From Scratch dan hal yang berkaitan.
Linux Mint Indonesia: Join Now — Diskusi tentang Linux Mint.
Medan Linux Community: Join Now — Komunitas Linux Medan.
Arch Linux Indonesia: Join Now — Komunitas Arch Linux Indonesia.
openSUSE Indonesia: Join Now — Komunitas openSUSE Indonesia.
Dotfiles Indonesia: Join Now — Kustomisasi Interface Linux/BSD dotfiles: ♡ DE ¤ WM ¤ Tiling ¤ Panel ¤ Pixel Art ¤ Menu ¤ Color Scheme ¤ Font ¤ Ricing ¤ Original Wallpaper ¤ Screenshot ☆
Lampung Linux Usergroup: Join Now — Bahas diskusi dan kumpul” pengguna linux wilayah lampung , ki wat sekitarni singgah pay, yay.

? Channel Telegram Indonesia

Petani Kode: Join Now — Channel Resmi Petani Kode.
Codepolitan: Join Now — Channel Resmi Codepolitan.
Kabar Linux: Join Now — Channel Kabar seputar Linux dan open source.
Linuxku.com: Join Now — Channel dari blog linuxku.com.
Lombok FOSS: Join Now — Channel pengguna Linux dari Lombok.
Kawan Koding: Join Now — Belajar Web Development dengan cara yang asik dan mudah dipahami.
Otodidak Pemrograman: Join Now — Channel belajar pemrograman secara otodidak.
Front-end Developer News: Join Now — Channel informasi Front-end.
Wikipedia Bahasa Indonesia: Join Now — Channel Wikipedia Bahasa Indonesia.
Koleksi Bot: Join Now — Channel info koleksi Bot Telegram.
Belajar Networking: Join Now — Channel yang membahas seputar jaringan komputer.
Loker Developer/Programmer: Join Now — Channel ini adalah channel yang dikhususkan untuk berbagi atau mencari lowongan kerja sebagai Programmer / Developer.
LinuxSec.Org: Join Now — Official LinuxSec.Org Telegram Channel
Situsali.com: Join Now — Informasi serta berbagi pengetahuan mengenai GNU/Linux, FLOSS dan Pemrograman.
PegelBlogs: Join Now — Blog anak-anak Pegelinux
Ethical Hacker Indonesia: Join Now — Membimbing Hacker Indonesia ke Jalan yang Benar
Telegram Android ID: Join Now — All about related #Telegram #collections & #apps #android [ #official, #unofficial, #mod, #review, #news, etc ].
doscom: Join Now — Dinus Open Source Community.
JavaScript Indonesia: Join Now — Channel yang berisi kumpulan berita atau konten seputar JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Library, Framework, dan juga engine-nya
Scrum Chapter Semarang: Join Now — ini Channel materi, info, dan barita tentang scrum
Chromplex Official Channel: Join Now — Website pertama yang membahas semua hal tentang Alphabet, Google dan Teknologi dalam Bahasa Indonesia.
Berita seputar GNU/Linux di Indonesia: Join Now — Berita seputar penggunaan GNU/Linux dan acara komunitas GNU/Linux di Indonesia.
Berita WebAssembly Indonesia: Join Now — Berita seputar WebAssembly.
Pondok IT’s Channel: Join Now — This is where we post about Pondok IT’s info, activity and etc. Subscribe only if you’re a hardcore Pondok IT fan.

? Grup Internasional ??

The Art of Programming: Join Now — This is the international group for the channel “The Art of Programming”
Let’s Talk Programming & Development: Join Now — On-topic group about programming, development and everything inbetween.
Android: Join Now — Grup Android Internasional.
PHP: Join Now — Grup PHP Internasional.
Python: Join Now — A python group chat
Javascript: Join Now — Grup Javascript
Javascript Party: Join Now — a JS group to share great things and discuss about this fabulous language.
Nairobi JS Telegram: Join Now — Nairobi JS Comminity
Java: Join Now — Java programming community
Programming in C/C++: Join Now — International group of C/C++ programming
C/C++: Join Now — C/C++ Comminity
Vuejs: Join Now — Vuejs Community
Angular Developers: Join Now — Angular JS Developers
Golang developers: Join Now — Golang developers or people who are interested in golang.
devRant: Join Now — DevRant Community
Geek Chat: Join Now — Chatroom for Geek
Mozillian: Join Now — Mozillians general discussing channel
Anbox: Join Now — Android in a Box
Bot Development: Join Now — Group bot developer
Telegram Bots Development: Join Now — There are simple rules on this group: No Spam & Don’t Test Bots & English Only
PWRTelegram API Group: Join Now — Development group for the @PWRTelegram API and @MadelineProto!
Original Python: Join Now — Discuss and ask questions about Python!
(INT) freelancers & remote workers: Join Now — International Freelancers and remote workers.
Algorithms and A.I: Join Now — This is a group about algorithms and A.I. programming.
Fullstack’s Central: Join Now — A Telegram group for web developers, web designers, mobile developers and the others.
Dart / Flutter: Join Now — Here you can talk about Dart and Flutter.

? Linux

GNU/Linux: Join Now — News, discussions and help for all GNU/Linux Distributions!
KDE Plasma Mobile: Join Now — KDE Plasma Mobile Community
Fedora: Join Now — A group chat for Fedora users.
ReactOS: Join Now — ReactOS’s Witnesses chat
Gentoogram – Gentoo Chat: Join Now — Mainly Gentoo-focused, but all operating systems are welcome!
LibreOffice: Join Now — A LibreOffice group chat
Solus Project: Join Now — Unofficial Solus Project Discussion.
Antergos: Join Now — The official telegram group for the Antergos project.
Arch Linux: Join Now — The group for discussing everything about Arch Linux.
/r/LMR: Join Now — A LMR group chat based on /r/linuxmasterrace.
Manjaro: Join Now — a telegram group for manjaro users.
ParrotSec Group: Join Now — Official telegram group of www.parrotsec.org & Join our local communities you see below.
Debian Indonesia: Join Now — Forum yang membahas seputar informasi GNU/Linux Dan Debian, dan membahas sebuah jaringan keamanan,client/server Dan lainnya.


Windows: Join Now

? Channel Internasional ??

Reddit Programming: Join Now — I will send you newest post from subreddit /r/programming
The Art of Programming: Join Now — A channel with programming news and tips and tricks, nice for beginners but also for experienced programmers.
GitHub Trending: Join Now — Trending repositories on GitHub today
unnikked.ga: Join Now — unnikked.ga blog
The Daily Go: Join Now — We provide you daily Golang contents
Android Portal: Join Now — All about Android
Laravel: Join Now — Laravel Channel
Laravel News: Join Now — Laravel News
Awesome Programmer: Join Now — A curated list of amazingly channels and groups about programming in Telegram.
Programmer Jokes: Join Now — This channel will serve you daily programmer jokes
Fullstack’s Broadcast: Join Now — Daily news about web development, web design and other cool web stuff.
Syra’s Techbinder: Join Now — News and resources on programming and technology.
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