Saturday, April 10, 2021

5 Ways To Download And Rip Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime is available on various platforms like Mac, Windows, Android, more. Here are a few ways that can help to download and rip Amazon prime video. The platform allows the streaming of above 40,000 movies, TV shows, and many other types of videos on both desktop and portable devices as a benefit from Amazon Subscription.  

Subscribers to Rime have several privileges but then are certain restrictions also like not all Prime Video titles are available for download. Amazon subscribers must complete viewing within 48 hours once streaming or downloads are started and the video will expire after 30 days of payment. The restrictions are disturbing and one desires to overcome them. Once the restriction is overcome the videos can be watched anywhere and at any time.

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Here are a few ways that can help to download and rip Amazon prime video

Install and launch the UkeySoft Screen Recorder

Install UkerSoft Screen Recorder to your computer after downloading. Open it and select the option of “Screen Recorder” option.

Customize the recording area

The program here allows to freely select the recording area. The option of full screen or custom is made available.

Select the Audio Input Channel

For high definition, Amazon Prime Video choose “computer sound” that will record the video and maintain the original audio quality.

Set the Output info

After selecting the settings>Video menu customize the output format and output path of the recording file. The UkeySoft Screen Recorder supports recording the videos on the platform like FLV, MP4, AVI, WMV, and few other formats. The “output” column is used if the default storage path is not preferred.

Start and record Amazon Prime Video

Now the last step clicks the “Record” button and instantly record the Amazon Prime Video. Once the video is over preview the recorded videos on the computer and saves the recorded videos on the computer by clicking the “save” button. After recording and saving the Amazon video there is also the option to edit the video. Go to the Home Page and select the “Video Toolbox” function the program will come as new windows and pause the video to edit it.