Wednesday, April 14, 2021

5 Tips To Become a Creative Content Writer In 2020

All cherish the result it gives the feeling of accomplishment and creativity to the writer. However, it is the start that gets all of them stuck. The ideas always flow in your brain, but while you pen them down, it gets so difficult. It seems that there is a brain fog that needs to be cleared before starting the work. Here are some tips that can help in getting started with your creative content writer journey.

Take notes

Creativity and innovation cannot be planned. Ideas pop up at any point in time, and it has been observed that they erupt at the most unusual times. Therefore, be prepared to catch the ideas. Write the ideas as and when they erupt so that when you have the time to work, you can refer to them and get started with the work. Jot down the smallest idea that emits.

Try freewriting

The idea is to write or work even when nothing concrete is happening. The process will help you to remove the clutter from your brain and help to get some ideas. The essence is to write, be it right or wrong. There could be mistakes, but the mistakes will help in the growth as proofreading can be done later on. Also, writing will help get some ideas on the, surface and if there are some ideas that you think, were good initially but cannot be developed, they can be removed.

Have a mind map

Mind mapping is essential and a method that most successful writers use. Try to outline a picture in your mind of the matter that you desire to write. The key to using mind mapping is to do it in your style try not to copy anyone else. Using colors for mind mapping on a paper can help in getting more ideas. Write in different colors the ideas that come to your mind and then try to put them in a series as per your liking. The idea is to get you with multiple styles in an organized manner.

Play with your dog

If you are stressed, you cannot write this, it is essential that you get over all your stress. Stress shuts of creativity and if by playing with your dog or visiting the park, you get relaxed, then do it.


Brain fog and inability to write get can you nervous and feel miserable. In such a situation, to get the motivation to write the things for which you are grateful. The note will help you think positively and get you relaxed.

Writing needs a calm mind, and a soul along with ideas, and the above points will help you with the requirements.