Saturday, April 10, 2021

5 Simple Styles To Try : Perfect Holiday Hair

Holidays are the best time to look good and post the beautiful pictures on social media posts and overall get your dopamine dose. Holidays are precious  time  and the  period  when  you need  to  get  dressed  and  rock  your  look. But,  remember a  bad  hair  day  can  ruin  your complete  look.  Significantly,  beautiful hair adds to your gorgeous look. Thus for your next holiday’s style, your hair in any of the following  hairstyle  can help  you to  add  an  oomph factor to your  look yet need  minimal effort to  style. The  options  that you  can try  are  as follows.

Braid it up

The simple, chic, elegant and hassle-free style. If your hair is not behaving on a given day, then braid them up and tie a simple or funky scrunch to them. The options with braids are limitless like the classic small French braid, side braids, regular braid, f ishtails  or  more.   The hair will remain in their place and look stunning.

Use accessories

Holidays are nothing but extravaganza and time to pamper yourself. Thus, it is the best time to sport fabulous accessory, rhinestones, pearls, floral  tiaras,  clips,  shells,  jeweller  pieces, studs, and more. Depending on the style and length of your  hair,  select  the  best  accessory and use them to clip or keep in place style for your hair.

The top knot

If you are running short of time and couldn’t shampoo your hair or have time to tie it then resorting to top knot is the best option. Take your hair back and tie a top knot to  rock  the look. If you want to add a little more glam quotient to otherwise simple style, then take  a strand of hair and tie it around the rubber band with which you have secured the top knot. The style now becomes no rubber band style and is quite popular.


Can ever buns be out of trend or boring? No tie your hair in a messy bun, high  bun,  or low bun or loose bun lying at the  nape of the neck to get the  stunning look.  Adding  accessory like flowers or stones to the bun can elevate the look and help you look stunning in a simple hassle-free style.

Let it flow

The cold, snowy breeze or the fresh, crisp air of the beach or  the  scent  of Forest  jeep  ride caressing the hair is a feeling that well try to feel and cherish during our holidays. Therefore let your hair left be open during the vacation and let them soak in the air to get the best look. If you to want wear a hairband or put a simple side clip or hold them with a bandana but the basic idea is to let the lengths of hair fly in the air and enjoy the breeze.


During holidays experiment new look and see how it suits your face. Holidays are the best time to wear innovative hats and stun the look.