Wednesday, April 14, 2021

5 Reasons To Live in a Steel Building

While constructing any building it is mandatory that the best quality raw material be used. Only good quality material can help in getting a  beautiful structure that is strong and environmentally friendly. Today most people are opting for living in steel houses as they are strong, resilient, and environment friendly.  The reasons that have transformed the houses from other materials to steel beams are as follows.

Steel beams are efficient

Steel beams are efficient building material as they are quickly created. Steel beams need a few days of construction time. For residential construction, steel has less contact with the earth thus no excavation is required. The steel beams are pre-made and come at a low cost thus they are as per specific design.

Steel beams are durable

Steel tops the list of durable products. It can withstand extreme temperatures and natural disasters thus your homes are safer and secure.  Steel is fire resistant,  non-combustible and therefore you are much safer in a fiery disaster.  Steel can withstand seismic waves and therefore the structure becomes stronger during an earthquake. The multi-story buildings are 60% to 70% lighter and ten times stronger than concrete buildings thus making them an ideal choice.

Steel is strong

Steel is impact resistant and powerful. They give a strong foundation to the building and can withstand harsh weather and last for 30 years.

Steel is eco-friendly

It is high time that we realize the importance of saving the environment and resort to eco-friendly options. Steel is made by using recycled materials and tops the list of eco-friendly products. It is estimated that 80 million tons of steel are recycled every year and thus it is the most recycled product. At the end of its life, steel beams can be repurposed. Producing steel takes 35%-40% less energy than manufacturing iron.

Steel is the best choice for designing purposes

Steel has versatility and thus it is a dream for any homeowner to use it in the construction of the house. Steel beams bend to fit in a particular radius to create beautiful arches,  facades,  and domes. The homeowners can design their homes as per their likings as the options with steel designing are limitless.

Thus steel is resistant, efficient, strong, eco-friendly, and gives homeowners the freedom to design, therefore they are the best option.