Wednesday, April 14, 2021

5 Most Expensive Tourist Destination Of World

Travelling is the most rejuvenating and relaxing activity in the world. Travelling presents experience and opportunity that is second to none. However, travelling to some destinations can pinch your pocket. There are some tourist destinations that are beautiful beyond words but the cost of travelling to these destinations is too high. Here is list of tourist destinations that the top most expensive tourist destinations of the world. The destinations have been included on the basis of hotel rent, food in hotel for two people, taxi fare, transport, medical, and some other facilities.

Zurich- approximately INR 70,300

Indians are obsessed with this foreign destination and thanks to Bollywood for this unclaimed love. The multicultural flair of the city attracts tourists from all parts of the world.  Or the travellers it is peace of heaven and the cost of a simple cappuccino can pinch your pocket.

New York- approximately- INR 68,900

It will be a shock if the city of Apple doesn’t make to the list. The city that never sleeps is expensive as the US visa and flight tickets cost humongous. Try visiting the city during New Years and see the vibrancy at Times Square.

Tokyo- approximately INR 66,900

Capital city of Japan where you need to visit once in a lifetime. The ultramodern city bustles and dreams come true here. Tokyo is a place that will surprise you.

Oslo- approximately INR 65,600

Capital of Norway and the most populous city.  It is a delight to experience the architectural beauty of the city. It has world-class museums, art galleries, and beautiful culture.

Paris- Approximately INR 59,500

The unofficial love capital of the world, and the city of dreams and hope that calls out to one and all. The city will cast a spell on you and make you believe in love. The beauty, culture, history, art, talent, food and everything about Paris is captivating.

Visit the above mentioned cities to experience the beauty of travelling.