Saturday, February 27, 2021

5 most beautiful Best Honeymoon spots in india

In the whole calendar year, December and January are the two most important months flooded with marriages. The marriage celebrations and culture of India is famous all over the world. A tonne of rituals, happiness, smiling faces, the mild romance of bride and groom is the attraction of every peep. Every religion has a different pattern of bind two people into a forever knot. Whether be taking four phere (Laavan) in front of holy Guru Granth Sahib Ji at gurudwara or taking seven phere around a fire, all has its own fascination and memories.
The thing which is most awaited for bride and groom is the time period of a honeymoon. Both the bride and the groom excitedly waits for this trip where in case of love marriage, both get to enjoy and make unforgettable memories and in case of arrange marriage both get to know each other and make the bond and love more strong. India is a country full of honeymoon destinations the beauty of which will add four moons to their romance and will also make an unforgettable picture in their mind. Below is a list of 5 most beautiful honeymoon destinations in India:

Andamans (Neil islands)

A beautifully sweet, candlelight dinner, love in the air, a beachside view is all a person can get at Andaman. The view of lighthouses sprinkled on neighboring isles and the view from the balcony of hotels is perfect for the honeymoon couple. The sunset view is so beautiful and can take the breath of a person right away.
5 most beautiful Best Honeymoon spots in india


Goa is one of the best honeymoon destinations in India. A land which is full of beaches, quiet atmosphere and beachside sports are some of the attractions which can be the honeymoon couple’s unforgettable memories. People from one and various places come and enjoy the cool and happening atmosphere after their marriage.
5 most beautiful Best Honeymoon spots in india goa


Kerala has everything which a couple desires for in a honeymoon. The love for nature, plantations, spa, spice, houseboats ride all make Kerala a perfect place for a honeymoon trip. South culture is said to be the sweetest culture and known for hospitality. If one is confused about a perfect destination Kerala is the answer. Spicy food is also the center of attraction.
5 most beautiful Best Honeymoon spots in india kerela


A place which has everything better than any foreign destination. Ice covered mountains, snowy weather, and the perfect environment for the couple to embrace each other. The way of living of the people, the apparel wearing style, the language a couple can enjoy every bit of a moment in Kashmir. The couple can sit in front of a fireplace with each other and in minutes the scenario from the window will change.

5 most beautiful Best Honeymoon spots in india kashmir


Udaipur in Rajasthan is famous even in bollywood whenever a honeymoon sequel or a marriage sequel is to be shot. The destination is famous for historic monuments, the food and the hospitality of the state is once in a lifetime experience and the couple will have a lot to enjoy and memorize for the rest of their life.

5 most beautiful Best Honeymoon spots in india udaipur

The honeymoon is a time which a couple wants never ending. The essence of being together with each other without any worries and away from the narrow-minded people who are against this honeymoon ritual. When a marriage takes place, it binds two people together for the rest of life. Happiness, sorrows all are to be shared together. For a good beginning, a memory is needed and for memory, nothing is better than a honeymoon trip.