Friday, May 14, 2021

5 Innovative Educational Business Ideas 2021

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There is a constant effort by the children and adults to upgrade their knowledge and learn new skills. People desire to learn new skills and enhance their lives. Thus there is an immense opportunity in the education sector. All welcome any business that can help people to learn a new skill or improve their existing skill.

Many new business ventures can be explored in the education sector. If you are aware of what to offer and what to cover in your business, here are a few examples.


Tutoring students

Even though the student is from primary, secondary, or university, they have to perform well. Thus if you have a passion for teaching and you are skilled, you can dive into the field. You need to have specific knowledge of the required subject, and you can offer tutoring services. It is a competitive business. TeachMe2 is a hub where students can get tutors on various topics like chemistry, mathematics, science, accounting, language, English, statistics, music, instruments, and more. They have tutors all over the country to help the students. The business has been delivering services for the past 11 years to their clients.

Homeschooling services

Today, there is a demand for parents who want to home school their children. If you have the skills, you can impart lessons to the parents who want to try their hands on home teaching. Before you launch your idea there, business models in the same field that try learning from them regarding their workings. Princeton’s center of learning is a pioneer in the field. They have two centers for teaching kids from grades 7 to 12 in one center and grades 4 to 12 in another. They have smaller classes to ensure that all students get a quality education. Homeschooling services also have an open-door policy where students from other schools can also attend their extra classes.

Teaching your hobby

Indulging in a new hobby is rewarding and also helps in distressing. Therefore people love to learn a new skill. Taking an example from Bluprint, you can start your hobby hub. The business model is based on the subscription that allows the customers to subscribe from any part of the world. They have a wide variety of teachers teaching different skills like from embroidery to cooking to martial arts. They have it all covered. Experts on subjects are handpicked and they help the students with tips and tricks that help them create the best handmade items and market them for profit.

Selling lesson plans

Teachers from all parts of the world are selling their lesson plans or activities to save teachers time. If you art a teacher, you can design and plan your lessons and sell them to other teachers. If you are a trained teacher in International syllabi, you can sell your lesson across the world. Lesson planned is one such example, business model. Teachers here spend hours every week making new courses for the students. They share and host great educational resources and create a free online platform for sharing. They offer royalties to their contributors for the lessons and plans. Therefore it is a platform for the teachers to sell their lessons and earn passive income.

Online English teacher

English is a language that is accepted all over the world. Thus there is an immense demand for English teachers all around the globe the world. From your location, teach English to global students online either through an established platform or on your own. Teach Away is one such platform. It is a one-to-one platform that teaches English to children between the ages of 4 to 16. They hire part-time English teachers who offer engaging and interactive English classes to students with video-conferencing technology. They offer courses related to TEFL, teaching jobs abroad, and numerous training.

The field is relatively less known, but with a lockdown scenario, it has grown immensely. If you have the knack to teach and want to explore the areas, there are options to either joining a platform or start something new. Start the venture, and with the minimum investment, you can excel in the field.