5 Incredible Ways to celebrate Christmas 2019

5 Incredible ways to celebrate Christmas

The HO HO HO time of the year is here so gear up and make most of it. The kids are on vacation and even the elders have entered the holiday mode. These are the times that we need to be together and have some quality family time. Apart from cooking and baking, which are the most essentials of Christmas, there are some more fun ideas for the Christmas break. Here are few of such cool ideas:

Decorate the tree

What is more important than decorating the Christmas tree on this break. Get your DIY stuff and as team decorates the tree, with all the glitters, stars, gifts, chocolates, sticks, grab all the bling that you can think of and your very own Christmas tree is ready.


Organize a talent show

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This is an option that has so many possibilities. The kids are all engaged in some hobby classes and even you as a kid had some hobby so take out your talent hat and organize a talent show for all the kids and elders of your locality the talent can be more than singing or dancing, like doing stand up comedy, or narrating a story, or applying the makeup in the right way or a Tarot card session. Just get the people on board and have blast with them.


Sports meet

winters are about being out in Sun and thus relieving your childhood days with kids and organizing some premiere leagues will be enthusiastic and so much fun-filled. Make your teams and have a sports meet at your nearby park.

Visit old age home

Happiness is making someone else smile, and spending time with people who are in the old age home and have no one to celebrate with. Cook some food for them or involve them with cooking and play some games with them it will be a great way to make the day special for them and you as well.


Read a book

Reading is a great habit to be the secret Santa and get your kids and dear ones some books of their choice. Make them read the book and discuss the book. This way it will engage them in a positive way and the screen time will also be eliminated. Reading is like a journey and thus inculcating this good habit in someone will be a great idea.

The holiday break is meant to be together with your loved ones and spend good quality time with them. Thus whatever you may or not do and just be lazy but the be together and communicate with each other this is the best thing to be done as a family.