Saturday, September 25, 2021

5 Budget Friendly Gift Ideas To Give Your Friends This Year

During the situation of pandemic we can’t meet our friends and family. Yet, accepting it as the new normal we need to have virtual parties and celebrate the occasion. However, with the help of technology and delivery services we can gift our friends many stuff that will prove to be a treasure during the tough times.


What can be more delightful than the sight of green plants planted in beautiful pots? There are various plant options that can be kept indoors or even in small space. They are budget friendly and purify the air. If you want your friends to get started with a hobby as we need to spend more time indoors then there are DIY kits that can help them grow plants at their home.

Bake your day

The pandemic has given lot of time to start with new hobbies and in this situation gifting your friends a baking kit can be fun. There are custom made boxes that you can get done by a professional or make it yourself. With the ingredients and tolls add a recipe booklet that can help your friend to start the baking journey.

Coffee subscription gift box

The tough times are here and we can’t go to our favourite coffee shop. Gift your friend a customized gift subscription of curated coffee beans delivered at their doorstep. Every time when they will brew the coffee beautiful memories from the past will bring a smile on their face.

Personal beer steins

Your beer-bud maybe far away but you can still pour one out for you in your personalized beer stein that you get for them. Include a photo beer stein so they can crack open a cold beer at home.

Personalized photos

With more time indoor it is advisable to give your friends a gift that keeps them busy and helps them live some cherished moments from the past. Make a keepsake puzzle with your photos. The option is to make simple puzzle with 60 pieces or long term projects with 1000 pieces.

Presenting a gift is a way to show that you love and care therefore crafts a gift that depicts your feeling for the person. 

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