Wednesday, April 14, 2021

5 Best Chemicals Stock In India

The Chinese government’s crackdown on factories on the grounds of pollution check “the Blue Sky Policy” has majorly affected the global supply of chemicals and has led to immense business opportunity for the Indian specialty chemical companies to grow and expand.  

Specialty chemicals are used in a variety of products like soaps, pet foods, detergents, cosmetics and more. Specialty chemicals are the chemicals that have a specific end user and they are produced in low volumes. In the last 2 to 3 years the specialty chemicals sector has boomed and curates the best opportunity for investors to invest and grow. The topic covered here is analysis of the chemical sector on the basis of a few parameters.

The 5 best chemical shares that could change your fortune for good are as follows:

Aarustriesti Ind


Vinati Organics

Navin Fluorine International

Alkyl Amines Chemicals

The procedure of analysis and its interpretation:

  1.  If a company has higher PE then it improves in the ranking order for it then has lesser points.
  2.  company with higher RoE has higher points thus not a better performer in the rankings.
  3. In the above rankings, Aarti Industries has scored the lowest points and 5 means that the company has the highest points.