Tuesday, March 2, 2021

4 Common Exercise Mistakes To Avoid

We all need and love to exercise. Exercising is the best  thing that you  can do for  staying fit and healthy. The sad aspect is that exercise can harm than good if you  do it the wrong way. Doing exercises the wrong way can hurt you and lead to life long ailments. Some of the common exercise mistakes that we should avoid are as follows.

Skipping the warm up

It is crucial you must warm up before starting the exercise plan. Warm up helps in making the muscles more flexible before you start putting  them to work. The  warm up  schedule gets blood, heat, and oxygen to the body so that can receive the change without any harm.


One you exercise  for two  to  three hours  and then for  the next  few days  if you  don’t exercise then it  does more  harm  to  your skin. Instead the key is that you exercise for a specified time  and rigour  on a daily  basis  to  get the maximum benefit from exercising rather than harming your  body by  being  inconsistent. Same consistency  rule applies to lifting weight. Lift consistent weight daily, lifting too much on one day and then  too less on other days will cause harm. Also bear in mind that lifting too much weight  will  harm your muscles and result in muscle tear.

Not resting the muscles

Working the same  muscles daily can put excessive strain on the muscle and  injure  them. Muscles need at least 48 hours after a strength workout to recover and rebuild. Target one muscle group daily and thus by  cycling  the target  area, you  can  get some  rest  for  the muscles before putting them under further stress.

Poor posture

Maintain good posture during  your exercise  regime as a slouched  posture and  rounded posture can cause back and shoulder injury. Use professional help to correct your posture.


Exercising the correct way by avoiding mistakes is the key to get the maximum benefit from your exercise regime.