Monday, March 1, 2021

4 Alternative Sleep Cycle That You Should Know About

There is one universal fact that we sleep at night and stay awake in the day. However, as per the studies of science, there are other sleeping patterns and it could be that they are more preferred ones. Thus do away with the common laws and try the alternative sleeping patterns.

According to the National Sleep Foundation, 85% of mammals sleep in the polyphasic pattern that implies that they sleep in parts all throughout the day. Most of us are monophasic, but what actually is good for us has to be discussed.

Its all in your sleep

Monophasic cycle

It is the most common cycle and it has 7-9 hours of sleep in the night. It suits the ones who work on regular 9-5. There is no sleep deprivation in this cycle but if the work hours are not fixed or require late hours of working then it is not feasible.  

Biphasic cycle

This has 5-6 hours sleep in the night with one nap during the day-time. it works positively for cognitive functions and boosts you on tired days.

Everyman cycle

This pattern has 3.5 hours spell of core sleep and three 20 minutes naps spread out during the day. Suitable if you have long hours of work, and it is a flexible pattern as the nap timings can be adjusted. There is sleep deprivation as the total sleep hours is still less.

Dymaxion cycle

This is challenging one as has 4 naps of 30 minutes that is total sleep of 2 hours in a day. However, this pattern has the maximum time of waking hours and it is difficult to adapt to this lifestyle. However, it is suitable for the ones who are ‘short sleepers’.


This has 6 to 8 equidistant naps across the day each lasting of 20 minutes. If you get adapted to it you can quickly fall asleep anywhere. There are only 2 hours of sleep required and suits people who can follow a rigid schedule of sleeping. It is also meant for them who do not require indulging in work for more than 3.5 hours.


Follow any sleep pattern or a combination of sleep patterns on different days but make sure that you get enough sleep that is essential for your body to function properly.