Thursday, May 13, 2021

3 Storey Building Collapsed Near Jubileebaug Vadodara,No any casualties

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On Tuesday morning dozen of people escape when three storey building has been collapsed near the jubileebaug in Raopura Vadodara.

The building tilted on its left side and came crashing down on four neighboring shops and construction site around 10.55am.The ground floor of the building had a garments store and the top three floors were used as a godown.

The building has fallen down on four business establishment including a paint shop, garments traders and a tailoring shop. However, the building’s beams were sturdy enough to take the weight of the debris and saving the shops and lives of its owners and customers who present inside. A fruit vendor and his son, who were also present on the spot, escaped with their lives.

According to the fire department, construction work in the neighboring plot of the building located in the Sardar Bhuvan no Khancho affected by its foundation. The laborers working at the construction site told that they heard noise from the building and ran out on the road before it collapsed. As per fire official “The civil contractor on the neighboring site had not put up enough support while digging the foundation due to which the building’s foundation may have been exposed or it may be the soil around it must have loosened up”.

Firemen had to cordon the area and to move the building’s debris which takes more than seven hours. “Some locals said that there could have been a couple of laborers trapped, but we did not find anyone after removing the debris. The seven laborers and their children were saved as they had escaped before the building collapsed.