Saturday, April 10, 2021

3 Best Ways To Use Your Concealer

Concealers are boon as they camouflage any spots, blemishes, acne or unwanted sight on your face. Concealer enhances your looks and is widely used in the make up regime. It is instead a staple in any woman’s beauty arsenal that can change her appearance and  make her  look  like a diva.  Concealer can  brighten  a dull and  tired face;  conceal  under-eye circles or any uneven skin tone. However, using the concealer in  the  best  way is  tricky and most of the women are unaware, and therefore they dread using the  concealer.  Here are a few tricks and  tips that can  help you in  applying  concealer in the  best  way  and improve your looks.

Choose an under eye

concealer  for  your under-eye  circlesit is  a  crime to  use your  regular  concealer for  the under-eye area. Rather there are specific  concealers available  for  serving the  purpose of concealing the under eyes. They work by brightening the  dark areas  under  the  eyes  and should not be used to camouflage redness or blemishes. Importantly, the concealer  works horribly if used to conceal under eye bags. Instead use pearl highlights to create an optical illusion and look fresh as dew.

Cover a pimple

Covering a pimple is tricky and requires immense hard work. The  best way  to deal  with pimples apart from getting rid of it is to apply a liquid bandage over the pimple to protect it and then apply layers of concealer and translucent powder on it to hide it.

Cover the pockmarks or deep scars

Use an angled brush dipped in a concealer to disguise the pockmarks and deep scars. Fill in the centre of the pockmark without going  over the edges and then dust  the  skin  with translucent powder. For a raised scar use concealer that matches  your  skin  tone and pat the scar with concealer, and then set it with powder.

Buy a  concealer  that is  yellow based and a  shade or  two lighter  than  your  skin  tone. Consult a professional before buying the concealer, as it is a product that can either make you look like a diva or ruin the look.