Saturday, September 25, 2021

3 Best Free Plagiarism Checker to Detect Plagiarism in Assignments

It is required that one submits an article or write up that is devoid of grammar mistakes and is also plagiarism free. An article being plagiarism-free is essential or else it will neither impress the readers, nor examiners and even rank well in the search engine. If there are hints of articles being copied then it creates a negative impact on you. Some of the issues like unintentional, improper citations, and quotes are also considered plagiarism.

A plagiarism checker tool is a software that detects any type of plagiarism or duplicate portions in an article. Since it’s crucial to avoid all types of plagiarism there are certain tools that can help with it. He different types of tools that are available for free are:


The most popular plagiarism checker is Grammarly. It easy to use as the interface is responsive and easy to upload the article on it. It presents a powerful online plagiarism report. Grammarly gives great writing insights and can even check if there are any grammatical errors. The tool also shows the article from where the content has been taken. It is useful for non-native English speakers and even new writers. It even has a paid premium version.

ProWriting Aid

Millions of writers from all parts of the world are using the aid to improve their writing. It gives great insights about the article along with its readability scores. It helps in self-editing and suits the fiction writers. One just needs to upload the file of your writing and then run the article for checking the duplicate content. Apart from duplicate content it also shows overused words and other issues that if addressed can improve the quality of your article.


Universities and other educational institutes rely on this tool to check the authenticity of the article. Turnitin is software for schools, which is sold by a business to another business and thus individual work, cannot be checked on the tool. Thus you can ask the teacher or school authority to share it with you. It is sophisticated software that helps your teachers to provide details about your article.

Apart from the above, there are other options available in the market like PlagScan, Unicheck, Paper Rater, and more.

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