Wednesday, April 14, 2021

25 killed in Kabul suicide bombings Today.

In double suicide bombing, 25 people killed in central Kabul today. At least 45 other people were injured after this coordinated attacks in the Shash Darek area which is the headquarters of NATO and more other embassies.

The Islamic state group of khoeasan Province has taken responsibility for the blasts and said that it was targeting the headquarters of the renegade intelligence services.

According to the interior ministry, the first bomb blast was detonated by an assailant on a motorcycle and left at least four dead and five injured.

Officials said that the second explosion was meant to hit those rushing to the scene of the attack, including reporters.

A police spokesman told AFP the second bomber had disguised himself as a journalist. He detonated his explosives while still among the reporters, the spokesman said, intentionally targeting journalists.

The Afghan Journalists Safety Committee said eight Afghan journalists died, including AFP’s chief photographer in Kabul, Shah Marai.