23 rd March 1931 Bhagat singh died, A Indian revolutionary

A Later By Bhagat Singh To young political Workers on 2nd February 1931

“Leave Sentimentalism Aside. Be prepared to face the facts. Revolution is a very difficult task. It is beyond the power of any man to make him a revolution. It can not be bought on an appointed date. It is bought by special environment, social and economic support. The main function of organizing party is to maximum utilization of this opportunity offered by this circumstance. Prepare for revolution is a very difficult task and it requires very great sacrifice on the part of revolutionary workers”     

Revolution is the exact opposite of Gandhian ideals of nonviolence and satyagraha. Revolutionaries who did not shy away from violence to overthrow the British empire. The legend Bhagat Singh was born on 28 September 1907 at Banga Village. When Bhagat Singh was hanged in Lahore jail he was just 23 years old.

Bhagat Singh studied at Dayanand Anglo Vedic high school. Bhagat Singh completed his college at Lahore national college. And founded the navujawan Bharat Sabha. In order to avoid marriage Bhagat left his home and come at Kanpur. In the note, he left behind for his the family he wrote my life has been dedicated to freedom of the country. Therefore for there is no desire that can lure me now.

In 1927 he was arrested on the suspicion of being involved in the bombing in Lahore. He got released on bail after that he wrote newspaper and anti-British pamphlets. In 1928 the nationalist leader Lala Lajpat Rai was brutally assaulted during lathi charge, he died on 17 November 1928. Bhagat Singh,rajguru, Sukhdev and Chandrasekhar Azad swore revenge. They plan to kill James Scott the police superintendent.

Rajguru and Bhagat Singh carried out the assassination and they killed John Saunders, another senior police officer, instead of James Scott. In a poster, the Hindustan Socialist Republic Army proclaimed: “Today the world has seen that the people of India are not lifeless; their blood has not become cold.”

Then in 1929, Bhagat Singh planned to explode a bomb inside central legislative assembly in Delhi. The idea was to send a dramatic message to the British and not to kill people. As planned no one was killed only a few people get injured. Bhagat Singh and Batukeshwar Dutt were sentenced to life imprisonment in the bombing case. Bhagat Singh, Rajguru and Sukhdev were tried for Saunders’ murder in what came to be known as the Lahore conspiracy case. They were found guilty and sentenced to death.

The executions were to be carried out on 24 March 1931, but the three prisoners were hanged a day before, on 23 March at 7.30 p.m.

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