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Hello, guys today we will share Quotes Telegram Channel Link. The quotation is the repetition of someone else’s statement or thoughts. Quotation marks are punctuation marks used in text to indicate a quotation. Both of these words are sometimes abbreviated as “quote(s)”. A quotation is the repetition of a sentence, phrase, or passage from speech or text that someone has said or written. 

In oral speech, it is the representation of an utterance that is introduced by a quotative marker, such as a verb of saying. For example: “We cannot let this, we’ve never allowed any crisis from the Civil War straight through to the pandemic of 17, all the way around, 16, we have never, never let our democracy sakes second fiddle, way they, we can both have a democracy and at the same time, correct the public health” -Joe Biden 2020. Quotations in oral speech are also signaled by special prosody in addition to quotative markers. In written text, quotations are signaled by quotation marks. Quotations are also used to present well-known statement parts that are explicitly attributed by citation to their original source; such statements are marked with quotation marks.


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Quotations are often used as a literary device to represent someone’s point of view. They are also widely used in spoken language when an interlocutor wishes to present a proposition that they have come to know via hearsay. I will definitely suggest you try Telegram once and join Telegram Groups. Make some friends here, also you will get some awesome content.

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Quotes telegram channel

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