Hello, Friends Today We will share most Popular Telegram Group and Channel Link list. Are know Friends Telegram Group are so powerful for making a big community. It means If you are making Telegram Group after that you can join more then 100,000 people(members) in one Group and You can join in unlimited Group. 
Why do you need to Join Telegram Group or Channel?
You need to Join this Group because Is this Group or Channel you can Share an unlimited number of Videos or Photos or Files without any Limit on Telegram Groups with you Families and Friends. Telegram Group is very useful for Business because in this Telegram Group you don’t have any restriction or limitations for sharing contents.
Is this Telegram Free Forever?
You, Telegram is Free and will be Free forever. You do not require any balance for that. So, I will suggest you Download Telegram app and join Telegram Groups From Below Links and Enjoy and Make new friends here.
Which feature is best in Telegram in compare to Whatsapp?
We all need to share contents like Videos, Quotes, Memes or Files for our Friends. Some times we are disappointed due to video or photos size is too big to share with friends. Whatsapp only allows the maximum 16MB size of the video and this is a WhatsApp’s major drawbacks. If we don’t know about Telegram than we are disappointed.
So, Telegram is the best option for this Drawback. In Telegram, you can send maximum of 1.5 GB video file at once. And One another Drawbacks is in WhatsApp you can only 257 members in one group but in Telegram, you can add more than 100,000 members. Now, Are you Happy?
But still one another problem of every person is data consumption is rising very fast. Most of us have used mobile data which is very limited.
But In Telegram, you can change the setting and decrease Data consumption. So for Decreasing Data Consumption: go to the telegram. Then click on options, after that click on Automatic media download and from there we can modify (on or off auto media Download) its settings as per our requirements.

Joining Telegram Group By 4 Step

Step for joining Telegram, Group are Follow: 

  1. Scroll down and see the lot telegram groups link
  2. Choose any telegram groups and tap on that
  3. It redirects new window and says choose apps
  4. Then, simple Choose telegram apps, and Hit on JOIN GROUP, That Done!

Some rules and regulations 

  • These groups are only for friendship. So don’t create any trouble in the group.
  • Always keep discipline in the groups.
  • Don’t try to change any groups name, icon and group status without admin permission.
  • don’t share any porn videos and images to the group otherwise, you will be removed by admins.
  • Always respect the group members and obey the rule of admin.
  • You will have to message at least one or two daily.
  • for any problem, you will have to responsible for that.

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