Saturday, September 25, 2021

10 Reasons To Workout Today

It  takes  the  energy  and  vibes  of  a  village  to  motivate  yourself  to  do  your   workouts consistently. Enrolling for a gym or yoga class is  easier but  then  going  there  everyday  is difficult. Thus the articles give you reasons to start your workout regime and stay consistent with it.

Increased energy

When you are  physically active the  blood  vessels  that  go to  muscles  dilate  and  cause increase in blood  flow and oxygen to working muscles and increase  metabolic  rate.  The complete process increases your energy levels.

Decrease the risk of disease

Exercise helps to improve our immunity and thus we don’t fall sick. The importance of healthy diet and exercise regime to fight the diseases can never be underestimated.

Burn calories even while resting

Cardiovascular and resistance exercises are important for workout plan and burning calories. The exercises increase you metabolic rate as compared and thus even when  you are  resting you will burn more calories.

Look good

Exercising helps you to feel better and look better. The body looks more toned and defined. The look is worth a millions and thus indulges in regular exercise plan to look good.

Speedy recovery after injury or surgery

By exercising daily and leading a healthy life the body repairs itself from the damage caused by injury or surgery. Exercising increases muscle tissue  and  white  blood  cells  and  reduce inflammation caused by injury or surgery.

Improved flexibility

By stretching before and after exercise the muscles becomes more elastic.

Anti-ageing benefits

Due to exercises the organs and skin experiences anti-ageing process as the blood flow increases and the toxin from the body goes out in the form of sweat.

Stress management

Exercise help in relieving stress and the fact has been documented. With the help of  several researches. Exercise increases the hormone called epinephrine  another name for  adrenaline. The hormone results in increased in blood flow and carries  more  oxygen to  the  brain  thus making the heart more alert. It also releases hormones that improve your mood and  feelings and thus after a stressful day if you exercise you feel better.

Improved concentration

Being focused on your work helps you to increase your productivity and perform better and on time.  With  exercising  on  daily  basis  it  gets  easier  to  concentrate  as  blood  flow  is improved.

Increase lean mass

Exercise helps in reducing fat from the body and increasing the lean body mass. The muscle mass makes you look fitter and leaner.

Exercise daily as it is not a punishment for unhealthy food that you ate but it is a way of life. Exercising will make you happy and it is totally worth the time.

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