Saturday, September 25, 2021

10 Malayalam celebrities with their adorable pets

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The celebrities from Malayalam movies and shows are not only known for their amazing acting skills but also because of their love for animals. Apart from their on-screen characters, people adore them because of how they love and take care of their pets. This article presents some of the most popular Malayalam celebrities who made their way to people’s hearts by showing off their adorable fluffy pets on their Instagram handles.


Anusree is one of the most top-rated Malayali actresses who know how to keep her fans hooked up to her Instagram posts. She owns the most adorable dog named Julie. Her social media accounts portray innumerable photoshoots of her dog which shows she is a passionate animal lover and how her life is all about Julie. Anusree even mentioned several times on her social media how Julie brought joy and peace into her life.


NazriyaFahadh, the lead actress from a Malayali movie named Maad Dad released in the year 2013, is a crazy lover of her cutest dog called Oreo. She owns Oreo for the past five years. Initially, Nazriya used to be scared of dogs but later her husband helped her explore her love for dogs. Since then she has not stopped loving and taking care of Oreo. She usually posts cute pictures with her pet on her Instagram feed that melts everyone’s hearts.


The great Mohanlal, last seen in the Malayali movie Big Brother has given superb performances over the years. He is very fond of animals especially dogs. You can only imagine his love for dogs as he owns around 30 pets. His most popular dog is named Bailey. The reason why most of Mohanlal’s fans adore bailey is his uniqueness. He has colored eyes, one is black, and the other one is blue. 

Anupama Parameswaran

Anupama, a beautiful Malayali actress introduced her three adorable dogs to her fans. She was active on social media and kept sharing numerous pictures of her cute dogs until recently she just disappeared. Later she told her fans how she lost two of her dogs called Rum and Toddy who got infected with parvovirus. However, recently she shared with her followers the new cause of her happiness, two cute dogs called Kappiri and Pikkiri.


The guy with the cutest smile has played memorable roles in Malayalam movies. He is a pet lover and owns three cute dogs Simba, Princess, and Ashley. He often shares sweet videos of his dogs while grooming and playing with them. He once talked about his dogs and said they are very close to his heart. 

Aishwarya Lekshmi

The famous Malayalam actress has a cute dog called Bruno. She recently introduced her dog to the fans by referring to it as her partner in crime. She usually shares pictures of her pet dog and fans can take off their eyes from them.


The couple, Prithviraj and Supriya Memon own a very adorable dog called Zorro. Prithviraj shares most of Zorro’s pictures while he’s napping. He posts most of his dog’s pictures on his verified Instagram account and his followers’ cant stop gushing over him.


The couple, Samantha and Naiga Chaitanya are dog lovers as they own a pair of amazing French Bulldogs called DroggoAkkineni and Hash Akkineni. They usually accompany Samantha while her workout sessions as she posts a lot of pictures of them while doing the workout.

Amala Paul

Fans and followers who blindly follow Amala Paul’s social media page know her love for pets. She owns a cat called Blue and a dog named Nature. Recently she posted pictures of her pets and told her followers how they mean the world to her.

Dhruv Vikram

For many celebrities, pets are considered as family. Social media is full of such Malayalam celebrities. One of them is Dhruv Vikram whose love for his dog can be seen on his Instagram. The pictures he posts show the essence of true love and this is one of the major reasons why fans gush over Vikram.

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