Friday, March 5, 2021

10 Hotels Tips for your next journey

1)Pack Earplug:-

Excess noise and annoyances are part of the travel experience, but it doesn’t mean they have to drive you crazy. Pack a good pair or two of earplugs for your flight and hotel room, just in case. Earplug prevent outside noise to comes into our ears so it is advisable to use Earplug while you travel because during travel there are lots of distraction.

2)Ask for Corner Room:-

When you check in the hotel, ask if there’s a corner room available. These are usually larger and quieter for the same price as ones in the middle of the hall. Upgrades are most often offered at the end of the day when hotels have a better sense of their occupancy.

3)Bundle a Hotel Stay with Airfare:-

If you’ve gotten your trip all planned out and know your itinerary, consider bundling your hotel room with your airfare for a better price. Some websites offer travel packages that combine both accommodations and flights, which can help you save significantly on your hotel room.

4)Be Courteous to the Staff:-

A little niceness goes a long way, especially with hotel staff that has to deal with difficult guests on a regular basis. When you check in, simply ask how the front desk clerk’s day is going and say hello to the cleaning staff when you pass them in the hall. This isn’t just common courtesy, but it also increases your chances of getting perks during your stay.

5)Ask About Parking:-

Especially when you stay in large cities, parking costs really add up. Look for hotels that offer free or discounted parking rates. If hotel parking is expensive, apps like Best Parking can help you find nearby parking garages for cheaper rates if you don’t mind walking a bit.

6)Mention Special Occasions:-

Many of us travel for birthdays, anniversaries, and special events. Mention what you’re celebrating to the hotel staff a week or more before you arrive and you might be surprised with a little perk, like a bottle of champagne in your room.

7)Skip the Package Deals:-

To entice new guests, some hotels will offer themed package deals that sound exciting but may not be worth it. Just know that sometimes these packages include things you don’t even want or need and that the special rate could be higher than the regular rate.

8)Check Distances on a Map:-

It is not uncommon for hotels to slightly exaggerate their proximity to attractions and amenities around town. If being close to a particular airport or landmark is important for your trip, verify distances on Google Maps before you book a hotel.

9)Don’t Pay for the Mini Bar:-

Minibar charges are frequently disputed because they are stocked by hand and often miscalculated. Carefully review your hotel’s itemized bill and if you see any mini-bar charges that aren’t right, dispute them. Most front desk staff won’t hesitate to void the charges.

10)Understand Room Preferences Aren’t Guaranteed:-

Hotel bookings include preferences like bed size and the number of beds. But in many hotels, travelers should know that these preferences aren’t guaranteed. You’ll usually get what you asked for, but not always.