Thursday, May 13, 2021

10 countries with best infrastructure

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Infrastructure is essential for the smooth living and functioning of people. The government collects taxes and builds the infrastructure that has to be maintained by the people and the government.
Infrastructure is different and depends on society. Transport, communications, water, energy, and defense are some of the sectors that require good infrastructure to operate efficiently and effectively. Transport has a direct effect on the lives of the people. Countries that have good transport and are well connected with roads, rails and ports are in a position to earn better trade relations both nationally and internationally. The top 10 countries in the ranking are as follows:
10] Spain
9] the United Kingdom
8] France
7] Germany
6] Switzerland
5] Japan
4] the United Arab Emirates
3] the Netherlands
2] Singapore
1] Hong Kong

In the ranking list, India stands in the 63rd position and long way we have traveled to reach here but still, more diligent efforts are required to be put in here to get much better infrastructure that is best in the world.