Monday, October 18, 2021

10 Business Skills For 2021 That You Can Master On Weekends

In business, we need to grow and for growth the need to learn new skills is crucial. However, running a full-time business and learning new skills is difficult. Therefore the courses that one opts for the need to be done in free time or during the weekends. Here is the list of businesses that are fit to be undertaken during the weekends.

Running a Shopify store

If you have something then sell then running a Shopify store can add new wings to you. There is a 30-hour guide that can help you to learn about the process like SEO, design, branding, drop shipping, and more. In the process, you will learn to set up your Shopify Empire. Today is the era of digital marketing and thereby owning a Shopify store will help you to reach a wider range of audiences.

Financial Analysis

Certified Financial Analysis (CFAs) earn huge remuneration to help individuals and businesses to grow and manage their finances. The course can help you to become a Financial Analyst.

Data Analysis

Data analysis helps the business to, make more informed decisions and grow organically while making wise decisions. In today’s era all entrepreneurs need to know how to work around the data and grow with the help of data. The 29-hour course includes learning Excel, Power BI, Python, and more tools to analyze the data effectively.

Selling with Amazon

Amazon is the largest marketplace and it allows anyone to sell from it. Fulfillment by Amazon is a drop ship program that facilitates the independent sellers to earn money through Amazon by selling goods on their established platform.


Accounting is complex and thus individuals and businesses like to hire accountants. Be a professional accountant and with the training and growth.

Computer Programming

Having expertise in coding language is essential in today’s era and with this 270 hours of training from best instructors.

Project management

Managing the projects and getting them completed on time is required for any business to achieve its goals. The ten courses bundle will teach you to complete the projects on-time and under.

Social media marketing

Social media marketing is the need of hour. It is an extensive 34 hours training in Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram marketing. The course teaches to build a complete social media strategy.

Designing and editing creative cloud apps

Photoshop, Lightroom, Illustrator, After Effects, and more are the courses that will add another feather to your hat and with this 60-hour course, graphic designing can be learned to get expertise.

Google Ads and search engine optimization

Google is the largest advertising platform that helps the brands in growing organically by means of paid promotions. To build your website learning about SEO is essential and the course teaches the same. After the course, one can attract immense traffic to the website.

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