Wednesday, March 3, 2021

Robotic Fish Keep Eye on Health of the ocean

Robotic Fish Keep Eye on Health of the ocean

Robotic fish keep an eye over our ocean. This robotic fish could be swimming around in oceans helping scientist learn more about marine life.

Robotic fish also are known as SoFi short for soft robotic fish was developed by scientists at MIT to study ocean life and help to protect fish from the threats of human intrusion and climate change. These Robotic fish look like a fish move like a fish. On robotic fish there have been more than 400 articles was published.

According to this report, there are 40 different types of robot fish built with 30 different designs having only the capability to flip and drift in the water.

Robot fish divided into three different categories as per design single joint,multi-joint and smart material based designed.

The robotic fish is made up with a streamlined head, body, Tail. The head is often made up of rigid plastic material or fiberglass.

Head contains all control units including a wireless communication module, batteries, a signal processor.

Body made up of multiple-jointed segments all this are connected with servo motors, this servo motor controls the rotation angle of the joints.

The tail is connected with joints and driven by motor provides motive power.
All engineers are a focus on functional design designers attempt to create a robot with flexible bodies like real fish.

Robotic fish is a 1.5-foot robot with fins and a silicon tail that help it swim forward and change the directions.

It can swim at a speed of almost one foot per second at up to 60 feet’s the battery runs for 45 minutes and it is equipped with a camera environmental sensors.and a communication system, which receives commands from a super Nintendo console controller and can relay data to scientists form about 65 feet away.

In the future scientists could use a fish robot to study movement patterns of ocean life and monitor pollution.